10 Tourist Places in Jaipur that You Must Visit -

10 Must Visit Tourist Places in jaipur - Tourist spots in Jaipur

Jaipur tourist places list , is always on the bucket list of 9 out of 10 people in India and other countries for its historic architecture, cultural authenticity, giant royal forts, and palaces. The Pink City of India offers many enchanting tourist destinations everyone must visit during their Jaipur tour. Don’t you want to know about those places too?

Top 10 tourist places in Jaipur

1) Relish the architecture of Amer Fort

Amer Fort comes on top of the Jaipur tourist places list for its one-of-a-kind architectural charm, antiquity, and royalty. Built during the reign of Maharaja Man Singh, Amer Fort still carries the same elegance you should not miss in your Jaipur tour. The view of sunrise is magnificent from this fort. So, if you can make it to the early morning, you can enjoy both the sunrise and a ride on elephants at Amer Fort. However, after spending an entire day in this fort, do not go back before evening, or you will miss the light and sound show.

2) Spend a quiet day at Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal, another famous landmark of the Pink City, is a must-visit Jaipur tourist places. The interesting formation of this five-story palace with four stories underwater makes it different from other forts and palaces. Additionally, Jal Mahal, located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake, is alluring, royal, and sophisticated in its charm. But, on the other hand, this Mahal’s architecture is different, a blend of pure Rajasthani and Mughal culture that makes it a must to visit.

3) Admire the beauty of Hawa Mahal

Jaipur is famous for its royal Mahals (palaces) and forts. Among them, Hawa Mahal is one of the most excellent places to visit in jaipur with family and friends. Hawa means breezy, and the place is truly breezy and comfortable. The main attraction of this palace is the nine hundred and fifty-three tiny windows all over it that make the Mahal look almost like a honeycomb. In addition, the old legend of royal ladies living inside this palace related to this Mahal makes it more intriguing to visitors.

4) Visit Jantar Mantar

Built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, Jantar Mantar is the heart of Pink City. This astronomical observatory, built between 1728 and 1734 is the home of different scientific cultures linked with cosmology’s political, religious, and social practices. If you are fond of science, history, mathematics, and architecture, you can spend an entire day in Jantar Mantar. Visiting this incredible Jaipur tourist spot at noon is suggested for getting an accurate reading of the scientific instruments.

5) Indoor adventure in PUNO

Are you feeling bored with visiting the same places and forts in Jaipur? Well, it’s time to get a new adventure in Puno, India’s first ever multifaceted indoor Trampoline and Adventure Park. For offering many exciting rides, including a trampoline, sky rider, PunoJunior, cyclone, etc., a great environment, and decoration, this top-notch Trampoline park is not only famous among children but equally enticing for adults. You can also host birthday parties inside Puno to get the best food, service, games, and environment.

6) A peaceful day out at Ram Niwas Garden

If you want to have an escape from the hectic city life, Ram Niwas Garden is a wonderful option to explore in Jaipur. This long, calm, and lush green garden is a perfect place to spend some me time as well as family time. The fountains, awe-inspiring architecture, and calm and peaceful ambience of this garden make it one of the most popular Jaipur visiting places. The zoo, an art gallery, a theatre, and an attached park for bird watching increase the value of this garden among visitors. Ram Niwas garden’s sweet and peaceful atmosphere also makes it a perfect picnic spot in Jaipur.

7) Explore Jaipur by visiting Albert Hall Museum

No Jaipur trip ends without diving into the rich history and culture of the Pink City. Therefore, Albert Hall Museum, a museum built in 1876 by the Prince of Wales following the structure of the famous Victoria and Albert Museum, London, contains history and stories in all nooks. In this museum, you can see many portraits, paintings, musical instruments, and belongings of old rulers and Maharajas of Jaipur. Additionally, being the home of the cultures of Rajasthan, this museum contains several handicrafts, pottery, sculptures, and idols made by famous people. Altogether, it is one of the most worthwhile places to visit in Jaipur.

8) A fun-filled day out at Wonderland Amusement Park, Jaipur

Wonderland amusement park is the number one destination for spending a day with fun and adventure. Located at Adarsh Nagar, this Park is open for all between 11:00 am. to 10:00 pm. It is the best amusement park in Jaipur and water-based sports, you can enjoy many thrilling and adventurous lifetime experiences, including Bungee jumping, break dance, Rambo train, etc.

9) Visit the Museum of Gem and Jewellery

If you want to dive into the sparkling ocean of gems and jewellery, what about visiting the Museum of Gem and Jewellery in Jaipur? Among all Jaipur tourist places, this museum is a must-visit if you want to explore the rich history of the gem trade in this city and several interesting artefacts. Additionally, you can explore things related to mining, cutting, polishing, and designing jewellery from this museum.

10) Don’t forget to shop at Bapu Bazar

Finally, make your Jaipur tour memorable by shopping in jaipur for authentic Rajasthani items from the Jaipur famous market, Bapu Bazar. Get your hands on precious Rajasthani textiles, delicate handicrafts, stones, food items, and ornaments from this Bazaar before your tour ends. You can also do shopping from famous malls in jaipur, which has wide range of shops, cafes and resturant.


So, now, when you know all about the top-rated tourist places in Jaipur, what are you waiting for? Book a ticket to Jaipur, pack your bag, and start exploring the terrific architecture of the palaces and forts, spacious gardens, amusement parks, rich history, and culture, and get a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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