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Trampoline Park Near Me - Best Places To Visit In Jaipur

There’s much more to Jaipur than its pink-tinged buildings and its famous forts. Even the first glimpses of Jaipur give people flutters in their stomachs. Though it is named pink city it is not really pink, it’s sort of a peachy shade.


The old Jaipur side definitely has more culture but the new also provides some of the 21st-century comforts like shopping malls, bars, clubs, amusement parks, etc. People from all parts of the world have started coming to Jaipur to experience both lifestyles.

There’s a strong shift of Jaipur sightseeing experiences from forts like Nahargarh, Jaigarh, and Amer fort to Urban places like World Trade Park, Famous clubs or to PUNO adventure park. The shift speaks a lot about the change in tastes and the change in the culture of Jaipurites. People not only love these new options but are enjoying these to the fullest.

The regular cliche outing options of Jaipur sightseeing like going to Nahargarh at 5 in the morning or going to Hawa mahal to see the sunset has all taken a backseat. The modern jaipurite wants much more than that. The shift is not only tourism-centered, it’s a vast phenomenon happening everywhere.

Modern families and their behavior patterns have been changing super rapidly, Even a contemporary joint family is a part of this cultural shift. A usual dining table scenario or a restaurant scenario always has a person constantly using their phone clicking snaps of the food or just scrolling through Instagram. It’s not something that was acceptable till I think 2015 or something.

People around us are around but still not present with us. They don’t really listen or bond with one another. They exist but they have forgotten to live. Have you recently been to a club or a restaurant and seen this kinda scenario there?

Even a child these days can be seen spending one-fourth of his day on the phone making reels on “kacha badam” unless he gets slapped by his mother. We have or have seen people blaming everything on the generation saying things like “Yeh tumhari generation hi lazy hai, tum log ko phone chalane ke alava kuch nahi ata” which is somewhat true but also super wrong. Yes, we all have become lazy after this 2-year long lockdown but we know much more than using our phones.

We now have a super fun outing option that comes on top of the list of fun activities to do in Jaipur which is home to an extremely different view than all of this. One visit to PUNO Adventure Park and you would know what I am talking about.

PUNO is India’s First Indoor adventure and trampoline park near me which is host to 20+ fun and thrilling activities, rides, and games. It’s not a game zone where you go out of your home to sit in front of another screen or an amusement park to just sit in a seat and scream your throat out. It’s an adventure and trampoline park where you can come with your family, friends, or even colleagues to have a super fun time.


It’s activities are not only thrilling and fun but also made keeping in mind the fitness of the person doing these. Also, fact time: Do you guys know 10 mins on the trampoline is equal to 30 mins of a usual workout. 

PUNO adventure park is much different from just another amusement park, it’s a place to Bond with your family and friends, It’s a place to laugh with them, It’s a place to become a kid again. You would probably not see this type of lovely family time view anywhere else.

Guests at PUNO Jaipur are not usually found busy with their phones but rather jumping on the trampolines or on the donut slide. PUNO is a place where people are found having fun off-screen. PUNO is actually a place to digitally detox without getting bored. The phone is the last thing you would think about.

Above all, PUNO provides an amazing place that should be on top of the list of places to visit in Jaipur to become fit without the sweaty equipment and people showing off their biceps. It just removes all the uncomfortable aspects of going to a gym. Workout here doesn’t even feel like one, doesn’t require the hard work of a workout. Achieving fitness is now super easy- Just come to PUNO and have fun on the trampoline activities. It enhances muscular strength, reduces fat, improves the sense of balance, boosts immunity, reduces stress levels, strengthens bones, improves the functioning of organs and whatnot along with real-time thrill.

So, Are you ready to witness the newest revolution in Fitness?


And let me tell you there’s no age limit at puno, not only the usual modern family but even a contemporary joint family with every single member can enjoy it here. There are amazing options for every single age group, Even a veteran of 60 years can enjoy it here. There’s something for everyone.


PUNO is India’s 1st Multifaceted Indoor Adventure and trampoline park spread across 30,000 sq. feet, located on 200 ft. bypass, Jaipur. Also, there are lip-smacking food options available at the restaurant “Chool” from beverages, starters to the main course. There’s no end to food options here. After the hunger-inducing activities, do have a bite here.


I would personally never get tired or bored of PUNO, do visit once for sure. You can book by calling on 8298294449 or you can also book through the site Visit their Instagram page to see hundreds of fun reels and to know more.

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