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PUNO Advance - India's first Indoor Entertainment center

PUNO Advance is India’s 1st Emerging Experience Entertainment Center, a magical park where you can find an opportunity to relive your childhood days. Here you can kick start your daring adventure with the technologically advanced rides, games, & activities wherein you get to enjoy the best of the Augmented & Virtual Reality experience. At PUNO Advance one can expect an unparalleled experience at a fairly pocket-friendly price.


With PUNO Advance on offer, we have tried to make PUNO a distinctive venue for amusement seekers belonging to all the age group. PUNO Advance is one of the most elite combination where the concept of Family Entertainment Center has now evolved to become Experiential Entertainment Center, where the guests are not playing games but are also indulging in the experience of collecting moments in a vibrant atmosphere that is complementing the aligned attractions.

Interactive Bowling

Bowling comes in at PUNO in an all new avatar backed up with the excitement of Augmented Reality, to provide an immersive & engaging experience to all its players. Bowling has never been so exciting with India’s most advanced Augmented Bowling lanes coupled up with indulging music that will surely take you by surprise.  

Vex Adventure

Experience the thrill of unlimited freedom and seamless connectivity like never before in India. Step away from your mobile devices and immerse yourself in exhilarating battles on virtual battlefields with your own gang in real-time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – try it today and elevate your gaming experience to new heights!  
Arcade games

Arcade Video Games

Play the most challenging arcade games and boost your thinking ability. You can tap into your childhood while playing arcade games. Try out your luck at succeeding in the best arcade game available Pots & Plates for your entertainment. Arcade games at our place are perfect for adventure-seekers of all age groups and complexity levels. Engage in interesting arcade games for hours and relive your childhood.

VR Rides

Interact with virtual items and features. You will feel that you are in a virtual world. Our VR games provide you with the most realistic sensations. An experience in VR is like no other -especially when you wish to try out something new and trending. Our VR games are backed by the latest technology to deliver a real-like experience. Get indulged in high-end fun with intuitive VR games in a wide range of specialized categories.  
Bumper Car

Mad Wheels

The thrilling bumper ride is best for both adults and kids. These are cars with rubber linings to prevent damage during collisions. There is no denying the fact that you can have ample fun with your favorite group in bumper cars meant to enhance your activity levels. Make the most of your experience with bumper cars as they lead your way to fun and thrill throughout.

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Maximize the overall fun and excitement as we bring forth lucrative offers to enhance your experience at PUNO.

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