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Have a bite of a burger!! Sip your favourite drink..!! Indulge yourself in the world of sports with our delicious bites & sips only at our latest addition of POTS & PLATES, India’s first conceptualized sports bar where you can enjoy mouth watering delicacies in the most enigmatic sports lounge in the city. At PUNO the world of Happiness is endless that too all under a single roof. Pots & Plates let you join the community of sports lovers. Pots & Plates is your one-stop destination to get engaged in luxury lounging with access to the best-in-class experiences for activity lovers.

So, visit the sports bar & lounge today to get the best experience. The spacious sports seating is comfortable enough to keep you on your toes for every nail-biting moment during the game.

PLAY, EAT & DRINK all at one go only at POTS & PLATES where you can enjoy a myriad of games & activities including bowling on the augmented lanes with your favorite Beer..!! Now that’s exciting..!! 

Double up your Ultimate Sports Experience with larger than life screening of live Matches & Events with favorite drinks & snacks by your side.


Weekend Vibes

Unlimited Entertainment for one & all

With Pots & Plates on offer, truly its the unlimited Entertainment now; what more you desire from a happening place that offers such a vibrant set up with that of a Sports Bar equipped with so many interactive activities, games & playing options; This is the ultimate Gaming Club one can experience.

Ultimate Den for All Sports Lovers

Once you’re with your gang, you tend to be in the comfort your own den, where you can create the moments & experience the nail biting adrenaline rush while enjoying your favorite sport on the Big screen along with your go-to drink; Pots & Plates offer the most unique setup where all the sports lovers can enjoy best of both the worlds

One-Stop Destination for Food & Drinks

Pots & Plates along with mesmerizing interiors & indulging atmosphere one thing guaranteed is finger-licking & lip-smacking food alongside some best of the drinks in the house. Pots & Plates offer global cuisine with extensive drinking options; right from your favorite mocktails to the crisp cocktails, you have it all to treat yourself

Soulful Rejuvenation for your Corporate Laureates

Now make the most of your corporate outing with India’s 1st immersive Sports Lounge, where you can not only rewind yourself with your team mates pursuing entertaining & engaging Team Building exercises, but also indulge in luxury of the uber cool Sports Lounge, where clubbing is elevated to altogether a new level.

Age is "NO-BAR"

At Pots & Plates, guests of all the age can find a place of solace for themselves, whether you’re a bunch of millennials or a corporate gang or you are a family man who wants to find moments of peace with yourself, everyone is welcomed; as the menu options & ambience thereon both are very warm to dig you in.

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Do you like to know more about our sports bar? Send your queries to our team. Visit the bar and lounge and get the most fantastic experience. Pots & Plates is your one-stop destination to get engaged in a series of fun-filled activities while lounging luxuriously to have a great time with close friends and family.

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