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PUNO Indoor Adventure & Trampoline park is a perfect combination of unlimited fun & excitement with a myriad of indulging & fun-filled adventurous games and activities. Now playing has taken an all new paradigm at PUNO with micro-environment enabled emerging arena where you can set new records while competing with your peers.

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PUNO is one of the most exciting destinations with indoor adventure games. The Indoor Park attract people of all heights and ages. Whether it is a weekend of family fun or a special occasion, PUNO is always open for you. So, unleash the whole new world of Unlimited Fun & Excitement by visiting PUNO today.



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    PUNO - India's first Indoor Adventure & Trampoline Park

    PUNO is India’s 1st multi-faceted Indoor Adventure & Trampoline Park; located in Jaipur & Raipur; And with its expansion plans underway they now plan to open shortly at multiple locations on Pan-India Basis.

    PUNO parks are built on the mantras of FUN, FAMILY, FITNESS, FOOD Together; PUNO – Adventure & Trampoline Park is designed with an-built micro-environment, where one can enjoy with their loved ones & the family members alike, without having any age restrictions. Guests of all ages can enjoy simultaneously under the single roof.


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