faq -
Yes their are Safety guidlines which need to follow before entering or playing game, our Customer Service Representative will assist you for the same.
Yes you can enjoy enjoy Augmented bowling with drinks and food.
Yes you can watch others playing and can also enjoy your food and drinks.
We have 04 lanes so at a time 04 members can participate, depends on the availability of Lane.
You can call us on +91-8298294449 for more.
Yes you can use your own socks if you were wearing.
No, its mandatory to wear normal socks with bowling shoes or you can get it on minimal price of Rs.30 per pair.
No, it is complusory to wear bowling shoes which is included in the price of Augmented bowlings.
To feel the Experience of Augmented bowling a minimum 10 years and above age is required.
Augmented reality technology enhances the bowling experience by adding immersive visuals and interactive elements to the game. It can provide dynamic scoring displays, virtual obstacles, special effects, and personalized avatars, making the gameplay more engaging and entertaining.Even you can enjoy food and drinks while playing bowling
Welcome North India's 1st Augmented bowling with Projection Lane which is more than just basic bowling .It is augmented reality technology, enhancing the gameplay experience by overlaying digital elements on the physical bowling environment. It can include interactive animations, scoring visualizations, and unique challenges.We also give differnt themes projected on lanes to enjoy amazing experience while playing
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