faq -
No cancellation & refund will be allowed once order will be placed and cooked.
Minimum 20 memebrs required to host a birthday party at Puno Advance.
You can bring your own cake but party decoration vendor will be our.
Yes you can, as we have different kind of package from where you can select as per your need.
No, we have common area with different sitting arrangements.
Yes we have outside sitting area from where you can enjoy the Sceneric view of Jaipur
No, both have same opening & closing time.
We have huge area so we can serve around 50 to 100 at a time.
We serve bot Veg & Non veg
No Sir/Ma'am, both food & liquor is not allowed inside the whole arena, however you can enjoy delicious food & Drinks available at our food court Pots & Plates.
Now let yourself loose at North India's 1st Conceptulaized Sports Bar & Lounge where you can PLAY, EAT & DRINK altogether while enjoying your favourite sport tournament on the screen with global cuisine on platter. Check-in now..!!
Pots & Plates: North India's 1st Conceptualized Sports Restaurant Bar, Where culinary delights, a vibrant bar, and exciting games converge. Indulge in delicious food and handcrafted cocktails while enjoying a variety of entertaining games. It's the ultimate destination for a memorable dining experience filled with great food, refreshing drinks, and fun-filled gaming entertainment.
Sorry, Eatable items are not allowed inside the 360 Degree Mad wheel, you can enjoy your meal at our Conceptualized Sports Lounge & Bar Pots & Plates.
Yes, we have specific rules and guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. These may include rules about proper attire, no jumping on the padding, no double bouncing, and following Customer Service Representative instructions. Signs will be posted throughout the park to inform visitors of these rules.
Should wear comfortable cloths.
We have Pots & Plates, India's 1st Conceptualized Sports bar with Multi-cuisine serving, where you can enjoy your food and drinks.
Yes our professionally trained Customer Service Representative (CSR) are there inside to assist you on every ride, you’re suggested to adhere them.
You can tap your card and start the game again, the amount will get deducted..
No, you can purchase tickets directly from the counter when you arrive at Puno Advance . Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you and ensure you have a great experience.
Kindly call us on +91-8298294449 for more.
Pregnant women and individuals with certain medical conditions may be advised not to ride. It is recommended to consult with the attraction's staff or a medical professional before participating to ensure safety.
Yes you can, as max we can allow is 04 members.
04 members can participate, as we have 04 Mad wheels.
Yes, their is time slots of max 05 minutes.
360-Degree Bumper Cars operate using a combination of an electric motor and omnidirectional wheels. The wheels allow the car to move in any direction, providing a unique and thrilling experience for riders.
Yes, we allow 05 years and above age members, maximum weight allowed is 120kg.
Mad wheels offers a thrilling ride-on experience with 360 Degree spin, where every moves meet greater fun.
Yes, our Customer Service representative will help you and assist you with the games.
Yes, we have a selection of ticket redemption games where you can earn tickets based on your performance. These tickets can be redeemed for various prizes at our redemption counter. Valid only on Credit points.
Yes their are Safety guidlines which need to follow before entering or playing game, our Customer Service Representative will assist you for the same.
Eatable items are not allowed in VR Zone.
No, we dont have any waiting time, if some activity is utilised on that particular time period then you can play the other games.
Max 02 players can play at a time to Compete.
In every game, Minimum 3 minutes and Maximum 8 minutes you can spend on arcade games.
You have to buy Puno advance Card with an recharge amount as per your requirements.
You can call us on +91-8298294449 for more.
Yes, you can purchase Puno Advance Cards to enjoy the activities, you will get Credit amount and bonus amount on recharge of Minimum amount.
Yes, only 05 years and above members can play our Arcade games.
Yes you can play all activities, you need to recharge Puno Advance card as per your requirements.
We have a large selection of games, available at our arcade game center. You'll have plenty of options to choose from and explore.
We have a wide range of arcade games with 60+ activities, including classic retro games, racing games, shooting games, sports games, ticket redemption games, virtual reality (VR) games, and more out of which 50% games are launched first time in India .There's something for everyone's interests and preferences.
Puno Advance welcomes a wide array 60+ Arcade Experinces adrenaline - fueled racing & Strategic shooting games to funfilled carnival & novelty games.
Yes their are Safety guidlines which need to follow before entering or playing game, our Customer Service Representative will assist you for the same.
Yes you can enjoy enjoy Augmented bowling with drinks and food.
Yes you can watch others playing and can also enjoy your food and drinks.
We have 04 lanes so at a time 04 members can participate, depends on the availability of Lane.
You can call us on +91-8298294449 for more.
Yes you can use your own socks if you were wearing.
No, its mandatory to wear normal socks with bowling shoes or you can get it on minimal price of Rs.30 per pair.
No, it is complusory to wear bowling shoes which is included in the price of Augmented bowlings.
To feel the Experience of Augmented bowling a minimum 10 years and above age is required.
Augmented reality technology enhances the bowling experience by adding immersive visuals and interactive elements to the game. It can provide dynamic scoring displays, virtual obstacles, special effects, and personalized avatars, making the gameplay more engaging and entertaining.Even you can enjoy food and drinks while playing bowling
Welcome North India's 1st Augmented bowling with Projection Lane which is more than just basic bowling .It is augmented reality technology, enhancing the gameplay experience by overlaying digital elements on the physical bowling environment. It can include interactive animations, scoring visualizations, and unique challenges.We also give differnt themes projected on lanes to enjoy amazing experience while playing
Yes you can watch other playing VR games as their is a screen which will project all the activities of the players.
Eatable items are not allowed in VR Zone.
In every games we have some rules and regulation which need to follow before starting or enterting the game, our Customer Service Representative will assist you in this.
We have multiple activities which you can experince and enrich at Puno Advance.
Its takes minimum 3 minute to Maximum 08 minutes.
No wait time is their, you will get the tickets instantly.
You need to purchase Puno Advance Card by paying certain amount where you will get Credit and Bonus amount which you can use on multiple games.
You can get the complete details on your visit.
Yes, there are many multiplayer VR games available that allow you to interact and play with other VR users in the same virtual environment.
No such height and weight required as per the age group.
No, Their is no motion sickness one can feel.
Yes you can wear your power glasses while Playing, our Customer Service Representative will help you in this.
Yes, we allow only 10 years and above age members to feel the better Experience.
Now enjoy North India's 1st dedicated VR Rides where you can live your fantasies & explore the ultimate VR experience from skiing to shooting or racing down the track.
Yes we have Pots & plates Where you can sit and enjoy Food with drinks.
Will allow the same till waiting area, no stroller and bags will be allowed in game zones.
To report lost items or inquire about lost and found: 1. Approach the park's customer service or information desk. 2. Provide details about the lost item. 3. Fill out the details of lost item in report. 4. Check periodically for updates on the lost item. 5. Whenever we will found you lost item will inform you on given contact number.
There are no specific restrictions on taking photographs or videos inside the Puno advance However, it is important to keep your mobile devices safe while participating in activities. Please be considerate of others' privacy and ask for permission before capturing images or videos of fellow guests or staff members.
There are no multiplayer games in the VR zones but there are various multiplayer games available in the Arcade zone.
We have North india's 1st VR rides which are related to adventure activities like Military shooting, world of flying theatre, space flight, Dynamic extreme & roller coaster theme etc
Yes, you can visit Arcade, VR zones without a card.
We have PUNO Advance area which includes following zones - Augmented bowling, VR zone, Arcade zone, 360 Degree Mad Wheels Zone & Pots & plates with India's 1st Conceptualized Sports bar with Multi-cuisine serving.
Yes, as each activity is having their time limits, our Customer Service Representative will assist you.
Credit amount can be used in any activities.
Bonus points depends on your recharge amount, Bonus cannot be used in Redemption, Prize winning, Novelty, 360 Degree Mad wheels & Augmented bowling.
No, grip socks can be bought from Counter by paying cash, online Rs.80 per head.
No, the validity will get renewed for the next 01 year from the date of Recharge.
Rs.500 is the minimum amount of Add on and maximum is Rs.10000 with extra benefits.
Sir/Ma'am it depends on the recharge amount.
On recharge of Minimum Rs.5000, after deducting 18% GST i.e Rs.763, you will get Rs.4237 Credit & extra Rs.763 as a bonus amount (Bonus Amount cannot be used in some Games).
Hi, Will provide you a card along with Packages which will start with Minimum Rs.1000 which will go upto Rs.25000 with Extra benefits.
Each game has its own set of player’s requirements. Some games can be played individually while others are multi-player.
Validity of card is 01 year.
you can check our Website-www.funatpuno.com & Social media handle @funatpunopune – Instagram, Facebook & Youtube.
Charges of Puno grip socks and Locker have to pay through cash or UPI, Puno card will not be accepeted to make the payments of Grip socks and locker.
We have dedicated locker facilities, for our all the guests, which are available at INR 50.00 for the package duration & the refundable security deposit of rs. 500.00
Outside Food, eatables, water bottles.
Once you will visit Puno Advance, our Customer Service Representative will assist you and guide you for any games which have any Height restrictions
We don't have any weight Limits.
Sir/Ma'am, for any complaints / suggestions we will connect you with our Guest Relation Executive who shall take care of all your queries.
Yes Sir/Ma'am, we have equipped ourselves with a well groomed & experienced team who are capable enough to take care of your kids for their entire stay at the park premises, also the premises under the surveillance on cctv cameras making your child stay safe & enjoyable.
Yes Sir/Ma'am, we have highly professional & trained Customer Service representatives in our team who are always readily available to assist you & guide you in every zone.
We offers mixture of zones dedicated for 5 & above age groups. We have PUNO Advance area which includes following zones - Augmented bowling, VR zone, Arcade zone, 360 Degree Mad Wheels Zone & Pots & plates with India's 1st Conceptualized Sports bar with Multi-cuisine serving.
We have Sports Lounge where you can wait while having your meal with drinks.
Their is no activies we have which may cause any injuries.
Sorry to inform you, we don’t have any refund policy, but on showing a valid reason proof we may issue you a credit note on the descretion of our Park Manager which you can use in future while you plan your next visit which shall be valid for one month.
Sir/Ma'am you can leave your kids in Junior Zone as our Customer Service Representative are their to assist them and meanwhile you can enjoy our Puno advance Arena.
Yes Sir/Ma'am you can visit the park with a specially abled child, & can enjoy together, conditions to that you shall be responsible for taking good care of the child all through your stay at the park
Sorry Sir/Ma'am you can't do that, as the games in the park is on per person basis, Purchased tickets are not transferable
Their is a card system we have, the amount get deducted as per the games you will play.
Mam/Sir, parent or a guardian, needs to be there with Kids as we dont have any activites for below 5 age kids.
We're currently located in 03 locations, Jaipur 200 ft, Raipur, Pune & Jaipur Malviya Nagar.
You can see all the videos of our exciting activities, online on social media platforms, like youtube or fb & insta or else also on our website www.funatpuno.com
Sorry we don’t have any dedicated changing room.
We are open on all 7 days of week.
We have our soft lauch on 24th January 2024 and from 26th January 2024 it will be open for our awaited customers
Book my show, thrillophilia, nearbuy, beyond enough, Paytm.
Parking is available at the Mall at standard mall charges.
YES!! Our Membership plans shall be launched shortly & we will inform you about the same once launched.
Sir, we don’t follow any specific dress code, you can wear cloth as per your comfort.
Yes we accept, payments through UPI, Phonepe & paytm or through QR scan; you may also avail payments through cards & cash at the convenience of your options
Hi, we have Bonus amount which will get credited in your card on every recharge of Rs.5000 & Above.
Hi, you can easily book your tickets by calling on +91-8298294449
Yes we have age limit of 5 & Above in Puno Advance Malviya nagar, you can visit Our Puno Adventure & trampoline park located near 200FT bypass where we have multile activites for kids below 7 age.
Yes you can use your phones inside, however management will not hold any responsibilty if the guest loses their any valuables inside the park
Yes, food is an inevitable mantra of PUNO, wherein you're served lip-smacking food at our Conceptualized Restro & sports bar with Scenic View , POTS & PLATES,for more further details you can check at our Pots & Plates Section.
Yes Mam / Sir, you're always welcome at the Park, we have a dedicated Box-Office area from where you can experience the whole park & make bookings as well
Yes, you may book directly after visiting the park.
Yes our professionally trained Customer Service Representative (CSR) are there inside to assist you on every Games, you’re suggested to follow the PUNO PROTECTION PROTOCOL with all the rules & regulations.
A full day outing is a complete day of leisure and exploration, offering a range of activities and experiences to enjoy from morning till evening. It provides a break from routine, opportunities for relaxation or adventure, and a chance to create lasting memories with friends or family where you can enjoy Multi-cuisine food at Pots & plates.
Sorry sir, we are not authorised to share this information with you, you can provide your contact details & our management shall get back to you shortly.
Yes we are available on Fb, Insta, youtube & GMB, our page name @funatpuno
As of now we are not launching any inaugural Offer, for future offers & updates please follow our insta page funatpuno or visit our website www.funatpuno.com
Hi, Currently advance booking has not yet started so you can book our ticket on walk-in, soon tickets will be available on call and websites.
We have specially curated Party packages for all kind of parties, kindly call us on +91-8298294449
As we have a card system which you can buy with the minimum value of Rs. 1000 to Rs. Rs.25000 with extra benefits.
Yes we have age limi of 5 & Above in Puno Advance Malviya nagar, you can visit Our Puno Adventure & trampoline park located near 200FT bypass where we have multile activites for kids below 7 age.
Sorry, we allow age group of 5 & above, you can visit Our Puno Adventure & trampoline park located near 200FT bypass where we have multile activites for kids below 7 age.
PUNO ADVANCE is designed to cater guests coming from all the age brackets where peolpe's from 5 & Above age can enjoy our multiple VR Rides , 60+ Arcade Vide Games , Augmented bowling with Projection Lane along with delicous food & beverages at our Restro Sports Bar.
PUNO is beyond an amusement park its an Indoor Entertainment Centre, which comes with a micro-environment free from the Weather obstacles where you can amuse yourself while playing multiple games in different zones.
At Puno Advance you can Experience the Unseen world of Gamings along with Foods & Drinks with your Family and Friends.
PUNO Advance is the future of gaming where people of all the age groups can spare time with their loved ones & enjoy variety of games & activities designed to make them experience ultimated fun & fitness thereby enjoying delicious food and drinks at our Pots & Plates wherein you can choose from an ensemble range of different cuisines serving delicious food.
PUNO Advance is a mixture of multiple zones that have North India's 1st Augmented bowling with Projection Lane, VR Rides, 60+ Arcade video games, 360 Degree Mad Wheel & Pots & Plates, India's 1st Conceptualized Sports bar with Multi-cuisine serving. For more details visit our website www.funatpuno.com or follow us on Insta - funatpuno.
Monday to Sunday 12:00am to 12:00pm.
2nd Floor, Horizon Tower, near, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, opp. Jaipur Stock Exchange, Gandhi Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302018
Full form of PUNO is Play, Unlimited, Notch-up, Optimism.
Puno Advance is India's 1st Immersive experience Center which have Entertainment Beyond Imagination.
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