faq -
Yes, our Customer Service representative will help you and assist you with the games.
Yes, we have a selection of ticket redemption games where you can earn tickets based on your performance. These tickets can be redeemed for various prizes at our redemption counter. Valid only on Credit points.
Yes their are Safety guidlines which need to follow before entering or playing game, our Customer Service Representative will assist you for the same.
Eatable items are not allowed in VR Zone.
No, we dont have any waiting time, if some activity is utilised on that particular time period then you can play the other games.
Max 02 players can play at a time to Compete.
In every game, Minimum 3 minutes and Maximum 8 minutes you can spend on arcade games.
You have to buy Puno advance Card with an recharge amount as per your requirements.
You can call us on +91-8298294449 for more.
Yes, you can purchase Puno Advance Cards to enjoy the activities, you will get Credit amount and bonus amount on recharge of Minimum amount.
Yes, only 05 years and above members can play our Arcade games.
Yes you can play all activities, you need to recharge Puno Advance card as per your requirements.
We have a large selection of games, available at our arcade game center. You'll have plenty of options to choose from and explore.
We have a wide range of arcade games with 60+ activities, including classic retro games, racing games, shooting games, sports games, ticket redemption games, virtual reality (VR) games, and more out of which 50% games are launched first time in India .There's something for everyone's interests and preferences.
Puno Advance welcomes a wide array 60+ Arcade Experinces adrenaline - fueled racing & Strategic shooting games to funfilled carnival & novelty games.
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