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Tourist Attractions in Jaipur 10 Tourist Places

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10 Best Tourist Attractions in Jaipur

If you are coming to India for a tour or on vacation, the trip is incomplete if you don't visit the Jaipur tourist spot. Jaipur is the pink city, which is named primarily due to the blushing colour of the historic buildings and monuments. This location is princely filled with the cultural wonderland, heritage, and brimming architectural gems. It is also the preeminent stop in India with its several famous attractions in Jaipur.

Let us look at the top 10 famous tourist places in Jaipur you should visit.


1 City Palace


The city palace is centrally located in ancient city of Jaipur. It is more than 3 centuries old Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh the second decided to relocate his court from Amber city. Big protective walls surround this place with a fantasy-movie-like structure. This place is a home of the modern royal family of Jaipur and is amongst the best place to visit in Jaipur you should visit.

This place is more than just a sand-coloured regal abode; it is a sprawling building complex built around a series of garden courtyards offering the best view overlooking Jaipur and the lake palace. The whole city palace will provide you with a stunning display of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture.


What is the best time to visit City Palace?

Timings of City Palace are from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm. If you want to enjoy the night view, the timings are from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm for night viewing.

2 What is the entry fee of City Palace ? 

Entry fee of City Palace are as follows:

  • Indians- INR 200 per person
  • Foreigners- INR 700 per person
  • 50% Discount for children and students with valid ID. Additional charges for exclusive areas of the palace.

2 Puno 


If you are tired of the cliché hangout plans such as going crowded sightseeing, shopping or going to cafes. Puno is the best and most famous tourist attractions you should try. It is Jaipur's first-ever trampoline park that not only has trampolines and several other entertaining and challenging activities that will help boost your adrenaline. Puno is amongst the best amusement centres to try something new at the most cost-effective rates. Make sure to give it a try when visiting Jaipur.


Is there any weight limit in Puno?

The weight limit for an individual jumper at PUNO is 120kg, based on our safety standards.

2  Which metro station is the nearest of Puno?

Nearest metro station of Puno is Mansrovar Metro station which is at a distance of 1.5kms (approx.)


3 Hawa Mahal


If you have preconceived notions about how the building looks in Jaipur, people may have come from the Palace of Breeze. This place is filled with remarkable distinctive architectural features in the city's postcard, from the honeycombed façade salmon-pink façade built to resemble Krishna's crown. This landmark was erected in 1799. It allowed the women of royalties to experience the festivals on the street without being seen by the commoners.

These nearby famous tourist places can tell you more about the city's history, and Hawa Mahal will provide information on the sandstone structure at the small museum, which also has the best ceremonial armour collection. You can also explore the narrow hallways that will run along the palace. Make sure to visit the colourful glasswork in doorways and windows, which provides a remarkable glow to the chambers throughout the palace.


Which railway station is the nearest to Hawa Mahal?

Jaipur Junction Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Hawa Mahal which is at a distance of 4 kms approx.

2 Is it allowed to go inside Hawa Mahal?

Yes, it is allowed to go inside the Hawa Mahal.


4 Albert Hall Museum


Albert hall museum is the oldest in Rajasthan and it is the top-rated tourist attraction in jaipur. This place consists of an extensive collection of art and significant ancient artefacts, from Egyptian mummies, from different times in India's history, such as charming permanent miniature paintings and the 18th-century dresses worn by different castes. When Rudyard Kipling visited Albert hall, he said that this place was a rebuke to all the other museums in India from Calcutta Downwards.


1 Is food allowed in Albert Hall Museum?

No, food and drinks are not allowed in Albert Hall. For security reason, bags maybe checked during the enterance.

2  Which metro station is the nearest of Albert Hall Museum?

Nearest metro station of Albert Hall Museum is Ajmeri Gate Metro Station which is at a distance of 1km.


5 Amber Fort


It is another great Jaipur tourist attraction. The marble and sandstone monolith stands a top a small hill. To go there, you will have to opt for a 20-minute drive as it is located in the Northeast of Jaipur's centre. This place is known for being the best example of Rajasthani architecture.
Visiting this tourist places involves a short uphill hike that will be worth the effort. It is decked out with the help of the intricate patterns of the inlaid marble, which is almost in all colours. The fort consists of four separate sections, each having a spectacular garden courtyard outside.


1 How much duration  is required to see Amer Fort?

It takes approx 3 to 3.5 hours of your to see Amer Fort.

2  Which metro station is the nearest of Amber Fort?

Nearest metro station of Amber Fort are- Chandpole Metro Station, Ajmeri Gate Metro Station.


6 Birla Mandir


In a city which is known for being bottom pink, this white temple stands out. It is a Hindu temple built in tribute to Lakshmi and Vishnu. The attractive structure provides a cosy, quiet, and peaceful vibe that offers the best atmosphere to appreciate the marble carvings and the great sunset views. You will not need more than 30 minutes to get familiar with the place. The experience will be a refreshing break from all the hectic attractions in jaipur.


1 What is the best time to visit Birla Mandir?

The temple is open from 8.00 in the morning to 12.00 in the noon. The temple is closed during afternoon. The temple is again opens at 4 in the evening and closes by 8 at night. The best time is to visit during the night time, at night you can find the temple and the entire region to be illuminated beautifully.

2  What is the entry fee of Birla Mandir?

There is no entry fee for visiting Birla Mandir.


7 Galta Ji


It is challenging to find a great source of water in Rajasthan. So it is not surprising when people find a natural spring mountain in the Aravalli Hills. The people of Jaipur have honoured the place by building the Hindu temple known as the Galta Ji. This place is nestled between the cliffs, and the temple consists of features of the sacred water tanks, of which some of them have modest fountains along with the frescoes that will tell you about Krishna.


1 What are the timings to visit Galta Ji?

Visiting time: 5am to 9pm.

2  What is the entry fee of Galta Ji?

There is no entry fee for visitng Galta Ji. Free enterance for everyone.


8 Nahargarh Fort


When you want to go for a sightseeing in jaipur, there is nothing better than the Nahargarh FortThis fort is also known as the tiger fort, which is more than 3 centuries old that overlooks the whole city from the top of the Aravalli hills. It is known to be the primary location for the structure to defend the city from the enemies.

It is more than just a barrier. The Nahargarh Fort also has the Madavendra Bhavan. It is a summer location to which royal people used to go to.


1 What is the best time to visit Nahargarh Fort?

Visting Time: 10.00am to 5.30pm (All days). As the entry into the fort is closed after 5.30pm, after that you can hangout outside to enjoy the cool and pleasant weather and can spend quality time. So the best time to visit Nahargarh Fort is in the evening, when the temperature drops a little and the sky is filled with stars. As the entire region gets lit up with lights.

2  What is the entry fee of Nahargarh Fort?

Entry fee of Nahargarh Fort are as follows:

  • Indian Students: INR 5/- per person.
  • Indians: INR 50/- per person.
  • Foreign Students: INR 25/- per person.
  • Foreigners: INR 200/- per person.

9 Amrapali Museum


When the predecessor of the Amrapali Jewellers began to collect stones and antique jewellery, it hit them that some of the treasures should be preserved and displayed. After this realization, the birth of the Amrapali Museum happened.

This museum will be a great break from the best amusement park in Jaipur. Amrapali Museum features two full floors of jewels and objects with more than 4,000 collections showing the different ranges of Indian craftsmanship.

The display will show how serious the Rajasthani people were regarding gold, precious gems and silver. Amongst the jewels, you will also come across the silver bands for the horses' legs, embellished show covers, a silver-covered chariot, and a glorious crown for the groom.


1 What are the timings to visit Amrapali Museum?

The Museum is open from 11 am to 6 pm from Monday to Sunday.

2  What is the entry fee of Amrapali Museum?

The cost of per ticket is INR 600. The ticket includes a free audio tour guide.


10 Jal Mahal


When people look at the Jal Mahal for the first time, they think they are looking at a mirage. This graceful and elegant palace floats on the sparkling Man Sagar Lake. It will be a cosy and calm sight than another frenzied city. While it may look like one story, the Jal Mahal has four other levels submerged under the reservoir.


1 Is boating allowed in Jal Mahal?

No, boating is not allowed in Jal Mahal. Even, there is no entry in Mahal.

2  Which metro station is the nearest of Jal Mahal ?

Nearest metro station of Jal Mahal are- Chandpole Metro Station, Ajmeri Gate Metro Station.



Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in India.These are just some of the tourist attractions in jaipur, if you're planning a trip to jaipur. While there are many options for family vacations, school and college picnics trips, birthday parties, etc. but we have compiled a list of few of our favourite tourist places in jaipur that you can consider in your visit.