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Jaipur Attractions - Tourist Attractions In Jaipur

Ever wondered why Jaipur is a craze among people from every age group? Is it only because it’s a state capital or do people want to see glorified walls of this pink city?


Are you curios to know why Jaipur is also nicknamed “The Paris of India” or Did you ever think that how can one city depict the picture of our historical extravaganza, the cultural epitome or even the best-footprints of modernization?


Jaipur was architected by Sawai Jai Singh and most astonishingly it’s the first ever planned city in India. The whole city was painted terracotta pink for welcoming Prince Wales during his visit to Jaipur. It also became the part of “a Golden triangle” with the combination of Agra and Delhi become a proud moment for Jaipurites.


Coupled with its beautiful hilltops and elegant fortresses, the number of visitors has enormous enthusiasm to visit the city. Jaipur is like a blushing bride draped in pink attire full of dancing and singing talent in her and simultaneously it is like a school-going girl in her school uniform with a lot of encouragement and betterment of the future. Jaipur is the only city welcoming every age group according to their interests.


It attracts elders for dignified beauty and richness of culture whereas attracts the youth for its state of the art urbanization. Jaipur boasts of a rich preserve of historical architecture as well as the intangible heritage of its artifacts, handicrafts, folklore, music, and literature. Apart from all its preeminent beauty and brimming with historical gems, Jaipur attractions have grown to different levels for various age groups for enjoyment and fun. Youngsters are attracted towards various ensemble career opportunities embedded in the city as well as cherish the fun-loving places to visit. In recent times, investors have shown their magnified interest to invest in Jaipur.


Let’s take a look at some attractive places which will add pleasure and enchanting memories to your visits and make lifetime mesmerizing urge to visit Jaipur recurring times.

Top 10 Attractions in Jaipur

1) World Trade Park

WTP is counted as one of the top Jaipur attractions. It is a famous recreational hub that is a unique architectural design that is eye-catching by everyone. The huge mall is divided into two blocks are north and a south block, a wide bridge joins these two blocks. It offers a different experience to the customers for shopping, food and so much in one place.

2) Puno – Adventure & Trampoline

Do you remember the game of Takeshi’s castle that was a japanese game show telecasted on TV in the 90s era? It was very adventurous and energetic. Most of the people probably imagined to experience & try the activities of the game that time; & being at a place to experience the same was a dream coming into reality. But today this dream comes true in the name of Puno, The Trampoline Parks, one of the most amazing gaming destinations.


Puno occupies the place of the best Jaipur attraction in the game zone that’s coupled with entertainment and fun. PUNO has planned multiple carnivals according to the different celebrating days for people like women’s day for women-centric events, valentine’s days for couples, etc. It is simply a one-stop destination under one roof for everyone.

3) Nahargarh Fort

The place is one of the majestic forts situated in the Aravalli mountain ranges. It is one of the most beautiful Jaipur attractions in the city. It is like a visual treat for the eyes to watch the splendid green glory and soothing morning-evening environment. The people who want to spend their time in nature and far from the city can be the best visitors to the place. People like to go on the long drive there as it is far from the noise of the main city.

4) Amer Fort

It is a town area located on hills far from the city. It is also known for its artistic beauty.


If you were fond of beautiful sunrise and sunset, you have a chance to explore breathe taking view of nature. You can grab the opportunity to enjoy the light show there with a different kind of cuisine. The fort is also known for its exquisite style of Hindu and Muslim combination. The fort has been a super attractive spot for shooting movies.

5) Pink Pearl

The oldest water park on Ajmer Road is a very prominent Jaipur attraction for the city. Pink Pearl provides a comfortable ambiance for accommodation and amusement games and activities to make a stay memorable and full of fun. Water splashes bring happiness and It provides water activities and rides for everyone so it is mostly liked in the summers.

6) Fun kingdom

If you are looking for a weekend family plan with your kids, have the best option to visit the Fun Kingdom, It is the best weekend getaway. It is the most fun-filled amusement park which has numerous rides for kids and their parents. It is a never-ending a joyful place that gives you so much enthusiasm with roller coasters. It provides Jaipurites high an energy tonic for their holidays.

7) Bapu Bazaar

It is the most happening shopping place and market which have the most exciting Jaipur attractions in the scenario. It is located in the heart of the main city. This market has a special collection of handloom items and Rajasthani handicrafts. It is purely for the people who are shopaholics by their nature and enjoy window shopping. It is more famous among locals as well as foreigners or we can consider girls as the market queens. The market’s food is quite interesting like traditional falooda kulfi and mouthwatering rose syrup.

8) Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani shows the true vibrant culture of Rajasthan. It is the mock village that has been made 15 km away from the main city for reflecting the main culture and heritage value of the city. The people can experience the great culture and history of Rajasthan through different acts and dances. There is also the attraction of magic shows which presents by very talented magicians. They also show puppet shows in which they depict the various cultural event of history. These kinds of places play a glamorized role in Jaipur attractions.

9) Jal Mahal

It means a fort that is in the middle of the water. It is also known by many different names like a floating palace and the water palace. It depicts very unique Rajput and Mughal architecture. Boating is also a significant way to experience the spot. Though entrance inside the palace is not allowed for the visitors, boating allows them to take a picturesque view of the palace. The vicinity of the palace is known for serenity.

10) Blackout

By the end of the last 7 to 10 years, Jaipur has developed a lot of places where we can hang out with friends in the nightlife. It is located in the middle of the city and provides so much good ambiance with a dance floor for special youngsters. They organize different fusions of music every weekend.

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