Why You Should Make Puno Part of Your New Year Resolution -

Why You Should Make Puno Part of Your New Year Resolution

We all have entered this 2022, and it’s again the time of the year to contemplate making New Year’s Resolutions; in fact, most of us already had. But if not, here we are to help you out making yours. When discussing these resolutions, most of us have one in common- focus on our workout regimes and make it a daily practice for good health. But the other common thing is breaking this resolution the next week only. Do you also follow this routine?


If yes, then Puno has some easy solutions for you, helping you maintain your resolution for daily fitness regimes. Puno is the biggest adventure park in Jaipur, providing its visitors with a fun and adventurous experience that was missing for a long time in the Pink City.


Apart from adorning architectural beauties and learning the historical facts, Jaipur provides you with an adventurous, fun ground, allowing you to burn more than 1000 calories in no time by simply having fun on the trampolines. Let’s ditch the usual resolutions and instead keep things simple and resolve to have more adventures this year with Puno. In this blog, we have gathered a few resolutions that you must take this new year with this adventure park, allowing you to grow physically and socially.

New Year Resolutions with Puno

1) Make Your Fitness a Priority This Year with Puno:

We often make the resolution of going either to the gym or for a jog from 1st January and hardly follow the same for even a week. But maintaining this fitness resolution for a long time is now possible with Puno.  Puno is designed with multiple rides and fun activities, engaging your entire body and allowing you to burn more than desired calories without even knowing. To all those stuck with price factors, Puno also has a solution for that.


If you plan to visit the park daily, then PUNO has launched its membership and loyalty plans, allowing you to grab daily passes at inexpensive prices. Besides this, Puno allows its visitors to book their slots in advance, which is also available at affordable rates for one hour with an option to extend the same at minimal additional charges.

2) A Pact to Meet Your Old Friends:

The most common resolution that we take on new years’ is to always remain in touch with our old friends. But most of us often get stuck with when and where to plan the meet! Providing fun grounds for your meeting sessions, Puno allows you to connect with people, have a fun time, challenge each other for the adventurous rides and end the day with some scrumptious food options provided by the in-house restaurant at Puno, the Chool restaurant.

3) Always Make Time for Your Family with Puno:

There are only a few limited family places left in the Pink City where you can have fun with all your family members, including the kids and adults. Restaurants are sometimes boring as you have nothing to do but explore new dishes. Puno is the best family place for all the fun lovers, allowing you to have fun with all your family members.


The place is divided into two zones- Kids Zone and Adults Arena. Kids Zone is designed with multiple fun riddles and rides, keeping all the safety measures intact. This promotes your child’s brain development, allowing them to apply new tips and tricks to get the final solutions.  Moreover, the Adult Arena is designed with multiple fun rides and trampolines, providing you with safe grounds to get rid of your fears. Activities in the adult zone include a ninja course, rope course, donut slide, snook ball, and others.

4) Make New Friends and Meet New People:

To all those who want to meet new people with similar likes and interests, Puno simplifies your task. The adventure park allows you to easily connect with people, have fun and make new friends.


With most of the kids stuck at home due to online classes, Puno provides them with a ground to connect with new people, make new friends and have fun with them. If you have purchased your loyalty program passes, Puno will help you interact with new people by engaging different groups in activities and rides together.

5) Spend Time with People Physically- Not Virtually:

Puno is a digital detox for all the screen fans. Most of our work and tasks have now turned digital as we were not allowed to step out unless in the case of emergencies. As a result, all the offices have switched to work from home jobs, and online websites have taken the tasks for delivering essentials at your home.


Puno promotes this digital detox by providing fun offline grounds, allowing you to participate in adventurous activities and rides for the best physical experience, keeping an eye on all the safety and social distancing measures.

Are you still looking out for other plans? Puno has eliminated the slot booking procedure for their new year party celebrations, allowing you to be the part of the same even at the end moment.


New Year’s resolutions are popularly known as New Year’s promises. It is a custom to make a resolution when the year changes, in which a person vows or commits to doing or not doing something. This time make your New Year Resolutions fun and exciting With PUNO family.

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