Why Trampolines - Health Benefits of Trampoline Exercise -

Why Trampolines - Health Benefits of Trampoline Exercise

According to NASA scientists, rebounding on a trampoline is 68% more effective than jogging. Known as “rebound therapy”, it suggests that 10 minutes jumping on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running. So forget about pilates and the barre method… trampoline park are where it’s at when it comes to getting a heart-pumping, full-body, low-impact, antigravity cardio and strength training workout for everyone, no matter what age. Besides exercise, another reason for its success is the addition of elements for challenges beyond the norm with dodgeball courts, basketball slam dunk areas, rock climbing towers, ninja courses and donut slides.


Do you also believe that trampoline parks are just for children? Well, it’s just a myth, the trampoline park is the perfect place for persons of any age, shape or ability to have a ton of fun, experience adventure, and the fitness benefits are like a cherry on a cake.

4 Health Benefits of Trampoline Exercise

1) Good for health-

Jumping on the trampoline is fun, but do you know it has a plethora of fitness benefits? It is an entire body workout and cardio. Ricocheting on a trampoline connects the entirety of your muscles, and offers a better workout than running and strong control over your body. Not just physical health but trampoline jumping improves mental health also since because your body releases natural endorphins since it is exciting and involves social interaction. This will cause you to feel cheerful, incredible and will also release stress.

2) Great place to celebrate-

Celebrating your birthday in a café or watching a movie with friends has become too old school now. Trampoline parks offer endless fun, lots of activities, and courses. You can enjoy every activity without worrying about safety as most of the trampoline parks have top of the line equipment and safety systems. So throw your next birthday party or celebrate an occasion in a trampoline park.

3) Team building and competition-

Do you consider yourself competitive and think no one can beat you? With activities like dodge ball, slam dunk, swing bridge and team battle, challenge your friends and build your team and try to out manoeuvre your friends because healthy and fun competition is essential for life.

4) Fun for everyone-

Gone are the days when the family reunion was all about sitting in a lawn together and playing board games or cards. Trampoline parks allow you to spend time with your family and enjoy it. Bouncing knows no age, and trampoline parks offer an arena for kids to enjoy while grandparents watch them. A day at the trampoline park gives you lots of family stories and moments to remember and cherish in the future.

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