Why PUNO Is Among Must See Place in Jaipur -

Why PUNO Is Among Must See Place in Jaipur

I came to Jaipur on a short vacation that lasted three days. As a resident of Delhi, Jaipur is a heavenly city for us, and vacationing in Jaipur is extremely relaxing for us from our busy schedule. So it was quite a surprise for us when I found out that there’s an adventure trampoline park in Jaipur that is thriving and hustling and bustling with a lot of visitors.


It was tough for me to imagine adventure activities in Jaipur, which is known for its peacefulness and serene heritage would become so popular. Naturally, I decided to see for myself and after visiting PUNO, the Adventure Arena, I was quite happy that I decided to go there. I felt like it was a Jaipur must-see location. Here are some of the takeaways from my experience there-

1) Whatever Your Age May be, PUNO’s Trampolines are Fun

It was after a gap of about a decade that I got on a trampoline and jumped my heart out. I have to admit, it is exactly as I remember how it used to be. I remember having so much fun whenever I used to jump on a trampoline during my teens and as an adult, the fun remains the same. PUNO is surely a great adventure park in Jaipur where I also got to see both children and adults having a lot of fun together.

I had always thought that it was very tough for adults and young children to have fun together, but PUNO proved me wrong. I also observed that PUNO’s trampoline and adventure rides were quite better than what I thought the benchmark was. For an amusement park Jaipur, I’d say that a visit to PUNO should be on your list of top 10 things to see in Jaipur!

2) At PUNO, Your Fitness Will Surely be Tested

I try to keep myself fit by regularly going to the gym, but I have to admit, the adventure rides and the thrill does make your body work and tests your physical prowess a lot. It makes so much sense that PUNO is such a big hit among parents of young children. This amusement park in Jaipur is a great place where children could come and play, thereby keeping their bodies fitter and in shape.


Why just children, even adults can do the same! Since the lifestyle of both children and adults has started revolving around a computer and mobile phone screens, exercising, playing and gyms hold little to no interest. This is why I believe That adventure parks like PUNO will fill that gap. If exercising becomes so much fun as it is at PUNO, you will find every child and adult looking forward to multiple rounds of exercising. If you are a local and haven’t come here yet, then I must ask you why PUNO isn’t at the top of your Jaipur must see locations?

3) Contrary to Beliefs, You Will Find Great Food at PUNO

This is a major reason why I believe that PUNO is a top Jaipur attraction. I have been to a lot of theme parks where the rides and activities are very much fun, but when it comes to food, it is extremely overpriced and not tasty at all. A lot of these places serve frozen food as well. Thankfully, that was not the case at PUNO. After spending a good amount of time on the rides and the trampoline, it was very natural that I and my friends were tired and hungry.


While I asked them to eat the food somewhere else, we ended up ordering the food at PUNO. I was so happy that we ended up doing this because the food was finger-licking and delicious. It was reasonably priced as well. For me, the gourmet food and the reasonably priced menu gives PUNO a big edge over any other amusement park in Jaipur. I wouldn’t mind coming here just for the food! After all, who doesn’t like to eat good food at cheap prices?

4) All the Rides are Extremely Safe and Secure

This one is for the concerned parents and guardians who would want to come to PUNO, a Jaipur must see location. Let me tell you, it is as safe as it is fun to use those rides and have fun on them. Before we got the chance to jump on the trampoline, we were provided with industrial-grade helmets that covered and protected our heads.


For the concerned parents, you’ll be happy to know that PUNO has a different section for children in the age group of 3-7 years where the rides and exercises that they do cater to their physical and mental needs, all the while under a very safe and secure environment.


Children at that age get to interact with other children and bond with them, thereby making friendships for life. The possibilities of making friends at such an age present themselves at a lot of places, and with PUNO being one of the top sights in Jaipur, your kid will be in for a great time.

5) PUNO Provides a Much Needed Change in Slow and Steady Paced Jaipur Experience

Every Jaipur attractions place I have even been to has a calmness, serenity, and a history of heritage attached to it. While that surely makes it a great location for people, PUNO adds that missing flavor of thrill and excitement to it. Imagine a Jaipur trip with such contrasting elements of thrill and excitement alongside history and heritage!


The blend of all these elements would surely make for a great Jaipur trip. A day of sightseeing in the huge Jaipur forts like Jaigarh and Nahargarh could end with those amazing rides and trampoline jumps at PUNO! How about that?


In the end, all I’d like to say is that I’m pretty sure that I’d come back to PUNO. I visit Jaipur very frequently and after my visit to PUNO this time, I’m more excited to come back here than ever before! A visit to PUNO, The Adventure Arena is at the top of my top 10 things to see in Jaipur list!

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