Vex Adventure- India’s First Immersive Free Roam VR only at Puno Advance -

Vex Adventure- India’s First Immersive Free Roam VR only at Puno Advance

Amusement parks are no doubt the best destination for adventure lovers. However, with the introduction of Virtual Reality technology, these parks have doubled up the enjoyment of every visit. PUNO Advance has become India’s first Entertainment Park in Pune, where you will find hyper VR experience. Get set go to PUNO ADVANCE and head to the Vex Adventure Arena. The overall setup of this gaming arena will surely captivate you. 


Thrilling rides, including VR drop towers and other majestic VR Attractions, are, of course, amazing in the PUNO ADVANCE, theme park in Pune. But, if you want to get a whole new experience of playing in a battlefield, you should try out the latest VEX Adventure.

How do hyper VR games give you different feelings?

PUNO ADVANCE has designed free-roam Vex VR arenas where you can enjoy diverse games and get immersed in the world of Virtual Reality. Whether you’re in a group of 4 to 6 players or along with your bestie everyone can take part in the exciting adventure experience of the Vex arena.

VEX Adventure is a Battlefield Arena, where players get to sport on all the gadgets like that of a soldier starting from wearing Free Roam® VR Gadgets coupled with an immersive Armour shield & a Gun to shoot down your virtual enemies. These VR Headsets are specially designed to migrate you to the amazing and jaw dropping virtual experience; where the Battle games come alive out from the screen to your VR Gadgets.


Here you can interact with the fellow players are plot your game to the niche & emerge triumphant as a team. Besides, being a wonderful team Building activity, you can also let the arena emerge as a ring of titans where the giants clash among each other where the Gladiator wins.


Once when you proceed on with the Game, the multiple degrees of freedom & simulation takes you aback with some memorable bites where the players need to pass through different levels, and enter into a room or ride on a train, where you will also experience a vibrating floor. At some stages you also feel the smell of ashes, the heat of fire, and the blowing wind with a thunderstorm. Vex Adventure games will make you feel as if you are walking through different game environments, such as a big mansion or a dark mine.


The interactive armour suit will make you feel the every shot of bullet that you take when you’re in your quest to complete the mission. VEX Adventure is one of the highly awarded attractions globally which is now present for the 1st time in India only at PUNO ADVANCE. You can visit the PUNO family fun park Pune to enjoy the Vex games. 

Why should you choose the Vex area in PUNO?

As the best gaming centre in Pune, PUNO ADVANCE has introduced a Vex arena. It is worth trying out Vex ADVENTURE at PUNO Advance. Why? Find the reasons-


● Hyper virtual reality- Free Roam® VR technology allows full-body tracking, to amaze you with ultimate VR gaming experience;

● Amazing cinematic – PUNO ADVANCE presents a platform to enjoy never seen before hyper reality adventure, of battle games;

● Unique experience- You will have a story-driven journey to the virtual reality world. Besides, there are striking lighting effects during your gaming session.

● Environmental simulation- Virtual Reality technology uses various environmental factors like wind and temperature. These elements add a touch of realism to the virtual environment.

Is it easy to play Vex games?

Vex games are quite easy to learn; still, you may find it a bit challenging to play them. Use your skills for faster progress through the games and get the most rewarding experience. You will also enjoy different soundtracks as you progress. So, if you want to enjoy fun yet challenging games, you can visit the new entertainment park in Pune.

Types of VR games you can enjoy in the indoor amusement park

PUNO ADVANCE at Phoenix Market City PUNE, is one of the largest indoor entertainment park in India, where you can enjoy a myriad of Virtual Reality games.

Adventure games-

The most popular genre in the world of VR games are adventure based. The action-packed games help players physically roam around while interacting with the virtual gaming environment. The gameplay of the action games is more engaging; besides, the use of hand tracking and motion tracking technology in VR provides a sense of control where players can perform actions in the VR world more precisely.

Sports games-

The innovative VR technology transforms the way you enjoy sports. The real-time interaction with competitors will take the VR gaming session to a different level. What’s more, haptic technology makes you feel as if you are interacting physically with the virtual world.

Simulation games-

While playing simulation games, you can indulge in virtual cities and do several other engaging activities. These games come with unique features to boost your enjoyment.


It does not cost much to book a gaming session of the Vex arena at the indoor amusement park in Pune. The expandable arena lets you play a range of cooperative and competitive games. Now get over the wired VR Headsets & enjoy the VR experience in FreeRoam® instead of being plugged in at particular place; you can move freely around the arena and experience a unique gaming environment. Now enjoy the whole lot of exciting Battlefield games & explore the interactive world of virtual reality without even crossing the boundary. Experience the future of gaming today. 

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