Ultimate Guide to Team Building Activities in Jaipur -

Ultimate Guide to Team Building Activities in Jaipur

Nothing is more important for a business than its team. The team is the fuel that drives the business, but if the team isn’t happy, motivated, or unified, then team building activities are important.


An office team that knows each other well and works together tends to be more productive, successful, effective, and happy. Close Friendships boost employee satisfaction levels by more than 50%, resulting in a good team, and these are built with team building sessions.


Generally, team building activities often include boring sessions that include eye rolls more than high fives. Understanding that team building is important is the first step towards improving team building, but there are so many activities out there designed for team building that are boring, uncomfortable, awkward, expensive, and even ridiculous. This is why we decided to create the ultimate guide to team building activities that don’t suck.


This blog will look at what makes a great team building activity by Puno Adventure Arena and Trampoline Park in Jaipur and some of the popular team building activities out there don’t measure up. Along with this, the space also offers a comfortable yet techy space for corporate events and meetings, accompanied by scrumptious delicacies.

What Are Team Building Activities?

Team building refers to the process and tasks given for bond strengthening among group members. These help individual members learn how to respect fellow members, appreciate the differences, cope with personal differences, and share common expectations and goals.

Team building activities include daily active interactions, work engagement and other related tasks. Companies also opt for structured tasks and exercises that have to be carried by each member, boosting relations and bonds. But these tasks and activities are often not appreciated by employees, as they find them boring and useless.

Coming up with exciting solutions, Puno team building activities will introduce them to a different environment: the ones that will motivate them to work with their employees and show up better, giving their relationship and bond a boost.

How Team Building Activities in Jaipur can Improve Corporate Skills?

Team building activities improve employees:


(i) Creativity

(ii) Problem-solving skills 

(iii) Office relationships

(iv) Productivity

In team building activities, the manager usually plans meeting series for their employees, which help them develop cohesive relations, knowing each other well. These activities encourage teamwork and collaborations, hence building a robust team.

This list of organized events will help increase an employee’s networking and socializing skills, communication skills, and culture. Employees are the base for a company’s growth, and an efficient team will lead to early success compared to dull and un-interactive ones.

Puno is also a multi-employee venture and understands the need for a good and effective team. Puno adult trampoline park has a specially designed area for corporate events where managers can organize their team building activities or join the ones provided by the park itself.

Dividing their employees into two different teams for different tasks will improve their mutual understanding, thereupon a beneficial aspect from a business point of view.

Team Building Activities in Jaipur Available at Puno Trampoline Park

Puno is filled with attractions, divided according to the spaces. The Park has a special kids’ zone, adults’ zone, and corporate zone as well. This is more like an all-rounder place, providing activities for all age groups and purposes.


The activities and challenges offered at corporate events will help employees develop their strengths, overcoming and facing all their weaknesses. Some of the activities that will help build strong relationships and team skills are:

1) Sky Walls

Divide your employees into two different teams, and challenge each other to a race up the sky wall. Work as a team by timing the climbs to the top by members. The team with the lowest overall time will win, and this will also help the employees bond with each other.

2) Dodgeball

Take your employees back to their good old days on the playground with fun dodgeball games. In this, the team members will strategize together to take out their opponents, giving them a chance to know their colleagues’ viewpoints and act accordingly.

3) Battle Beam

Let your employees knock each other down with foamy swords. Gear them up for the ultimate showdown, decide their role and fight for the victory. This will help them develop competitiveness, motivating them to create unique strategies, giving easy solutions to daily work problems.

Benefits of Opting a Trampoline Park for Office Meetings

Team Building Sessions organized in offices are usually dull and not much appreciated by the employees. Most of the employees avoid attending the sessions and prefer to do their pending work.


The activities include book clubs, sports games, lily pads, community service, game nights and art classes. These do not serve the interest of all the employees, and they often end up looking for reasons to not participate in the sessions.


Puno, on the other hand, has some exciting activities for corporate sectors that every employee would love to attend. These will take them to different grounds, giving them exposure from boring sessions and formal meetups, ending up being a beneficial option for both the company and its employees.


Trampoline Park will be a Stress Buster for employees. These will help them take a break from their daily routines, further helping them with new ideas and motivation.


Puno is an Affordable Yet Easy Solution for the organizer, as all they need to do is book the slots. The activities will boost the Sense of Competitiveness in employees, motivating them to develop unique yet effective solutions for better performance.


Puno is Full of Surprises with Multiple Hidden Gems. These will help them explore the new ends, allowing them to build team strength and improve relations. Employees can also plan their day with scrumptious delicacies provided by Chool Cafe. The place is known for its delicious combinations, giving people chances to revisit it. 

Here Is the Ultimate Team Building Spot for You

Corporate Events with Puno is one of the best options for companies to organize their team building activities. The Park will quote them with the best prices and provide them with unique activities, adding magic to their special occasions.


Puno offers unique activities for the people belonging to corporate sectors. These activities will help them learn tricks to develop bonding, relationships and coordination amongst colleagues, transforming your dull team building session into not-to-miss meetings. The price for a trampoline park is also affordable, which is just a cherry on top.


Get your quote now and book the slots to have a blast!!!

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