Top 13 Hangout Places in Jaipur - Fun Places in Jaipur to Make the Trip more Exciting -

Fun Places in Jaipur - What is best place to hangout in Jaipur with friends?

Best 13 Hangout Places in Jaipur

1. Jaipur Night Cycling Tour

Night tourism is rapidly developing as a phenomenon in the city. Hermitage structures with bright lights provide stunning scenes. When the horns and noise have subsided, you can take any tours to take in the beautiful sights in the city’s old town that you might miss in the chaotic traffic.

2) Puno - India’s First Indoor Adventure & Trampoline park

PUNO is an adventure-based gaming and entertainment venue which has been launched that provides a variety of games and activities that will allow you to have an enjoyable time in Jaipur. It’s designed to give you a space to relax and help you unwind from the pressures of everyday life and work. It offers a variety of energising and stimulating activities for everyone with outdoor and indoor activities you can select depending on your preference.


Today, children are engaged in games on their tablets, mobiles or laptops, which means they are far from the excitement and enjoyment that comes from outdoor games. This is what prompted PUNO to create an opportunity for children and their parents to spend the time they want with each other free of the everyday chores. No matter who your mom, dad, sister, father, or brother, everyone will be able to take advantage of their time with family with us at PUNO. They can bring back the memories and pleasure of playing with their loved ones, something they didn’t get to enjoy due to their busy day-to-day schedules.


With Puno’s Hunger station , and its mouth-watering drinks and snacks You can recoup your fatigue that is caused by all the activities that are energised. We have the most delicious flavour and high-quality drinks and snacks which you can enjoy and satisfy your cravings. Come on in and enjoy all the fun games and delicious drooling food with your friends and family.

3) Jhalana Safari

A natural habitat that is home to more than thirty leopards and Jhalana Wildlife Park is located inside the city boundaries. You can hire safari jeeps or take an excursion through the forest of Jhalana. Alongside leopards, it is impossible to ignore the tranquillity of the forest while your jeep travels to the edge of the wilderness via dirt tracks and muddy fields.

4) Panna Meena Ka Kund

Do you want to capture stunning images to upload on Instagram? Instagram account? Go straight to the fascinating step-well from mediaeval times, located close to Amber in Jaipur. It is accessible from 7 am to 6 pm each day. You’ll be amazed by the magnificent architectural wonder of the city.

5) Raj Mandir Cinema Hall

The Jaipur experience will be incomplete If you’ve never visited Raj Mandir. The location is more than just the cinematic experience, and its stunning setting is a significant tourist destination.

6) Jantar Mantar observatory

Another place that you should add to your bucket list could be the Jantar Mantar observatory, a UNESCO heritage site created by the former Jaipur, the ruler Jai Singh II to observe the night sky.

7) Heritage Markets

Before the rise of large malls and retail chains, Jaipur provided a different experience of shopping at traditional markets that sold everything from modern-day speakers to Rajasthani handicrafts and handmade clothes. You can stroll along the bustling streets that run through Ajmeri Gate, Bapu Bazar, or Chaura Rasta and buy unique clothing, Rajasthani puppets, and Rajasthani shoes. Haggling is the art required before purchasing everything in this store.

8) Chandler Lake - Birds And Nature

Do you enjoy birds and nature? To have a picnic, indeed the answer is yes! Chandani Lake is one of the best places to visit close to Jaipur, where you can enjoy an entire day in complete peace. The vast lake also draws migratory birds. If you’re a birdwatcher or nature photographer, it is the best place. You can observe the bird species Ruddy Shelduck, Common Redshank, Little Ringed Plover, Black Winged Stilt, and many more.

9) Samode Palace

Samode Palace, a traditional and historic picnic spot near Jaipur, reflects the authentic traditions and culture of the country. Perfect for a day trip, it offers pleasure, luxury, excitement, and everything needed to make your family’s outings unforgettable. The 100-year-old and meticulously maintained Haveli, the lush garden, courtyard, and the world-class dining experience are part of being one of Jaipur’s most renowned picnic spots in Jaipur and also a fantastic wedding venue.

10) Bhangarh Fort - Tales Of Horror

Are you a fan of haunted spots? If yes, think of Bhangarh as one of the most popular places to picnic close to Jaipur. The Bhangarh Fort is among the gorgeous designs, yet it is the most haunted. With a captivating tale tacked to the fort, Bhangarh Fort is an excellent spot to have an afternoon picnic, however only during the early morning hours. Entrance after sunset is not permitted here; in addition, there are several frightening incidents that were reported after dark. In the lush greenery, This Fort is a stunning example of designs and architecture dating back to the time of the ancient kingdom of Rajasthan.

10) Kanota Dam - A Fishing Destination

Do you want to have the company of friends over a picnic with the possibility of fishing? This is Kanota Dam, a dream location for fishing and the day in the breeze. One of the best picnic spots close to Jaipur is the capacity to provide a variety of fun activities. You can go on cycling excursions along the river, play games such as picnic basket relay yard twister and sponge relay race, and even eat sandwiches. Let’s not overlook the stunning picturesque spots that should be captured with your cameras.

12) Sariska National Park

Sariska National Park is one of the top places to visit in order to escape from the monotony of everyday life. Sariska is the most enchanting spot in Rajasthan. Sariska is famous as the home of the National Tiger Reserve and for its wide range of animals, such as leopards, tigers and elephants, and much more. There are numerous spots to go to in the vicinity. Most of the most popular Jaipur attractions in the area are temples, forts, and gorgeous lakes.

13) City Palace

City Palace has stood at the centre of Jaipur’s Old City for more than three centuries. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II decided to move his court away from Jaipur to Amber in the following years. Guarded by massive walls, The fairytale-like building is the current home of Jaipur’s royal family and is much more lavish and charming than you imagine.


City Palace is more than the sand-colored palace of royalty-it’s an extensive complex of structures constructed around landscaped gardens and overlooks Jaipur the Lake Palace and Jaipur Lake Palace. The entire complex is an impressive exhibit in Rajasthani along with Mughal architecture.

The current owners reside in the most striking structure, the Chandra Mahal, an elegant building with curved eaves and domed roofs. Each of the seven stories has a distinct style. The first floor is included in the admission fee. However, you’ll have to schedule an appointment for a private tour.

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