PUNO Welcomes Everyone To Enjoy The Latest Release of PUNO Advance -

Puno Advance – The Latest Release for Fun

PUNO is known for providing amazing experiences with a range of fun activities. It has become a popular destination for your weekend trip to get recreation. From Kiddie Cars to Donut Slide and Tap-a-Tap, there are several options. But, recently, there is good news for fun lovers. This adventure park in Raipur has planned to add more activities to the list. It will launch PUNO Advance on 11th March 2023. So, your trip to the Puno which is one of the best amusement parks in Raipur will be more remarkable.

What will PUNO Advance offer?

Fun is guaranteed with every PUNO Advance activity. As the park has put no age restrictions, both kids and adults are waiting for the new release.

Virtual Reality Games-

PUNO Advance provides you with a spacious gaming centre that offers interactive, adventurous VR games. These free-roaming games are equipped with graphics and technologies to give you the ultimate experience. So, you can plunge into the most entertaining world while playing Virtual Reality games.


These VR games in Raipur let you do anything you like. Shoot, spin, and dodge! You will also find a real-time tracking system on hand controllers. The top VR games in the Adventure Park in Raipur will transport you to a new world. From thrilling gunfights to confusing puzzle-solving, the best VR games combine different genres.


So, PUNO has created an interactive paradise for both kids and adults. PUNO Advance VR games let you to make the stronger bond with whom you are visiting and strike a balance between educational and entertaining value. What’s more, immersive sound and VR chairs provide you with a 3-dimensional sensation.


PUNO VR games will be available in multiplayer and single-player modes. If you play VR games in a single-player mode, you can control the gameplay on your own. But, if you feel bored, you can go for multiplayer VR games in the Raipur adventure park. So, put on your VR headset to play a multiplayer video game with your friends, family members, or other teammates.

Involve In Arcade Games In The Adventure Park- PUNO

With the launch of PUNO Advance, you will never miss classic arcade games. You might have experienced arcade games online. But, if you place them in the theme park, you will get a different sensation. PUNO has installed large arcade gaming systems and integrated the latest technologies. You can maneuver the console system and play the games for long hours.


PUNO Advance presents you with a lot of arcade gaming options. For instance, both adults and kids can immerse in air hockey games. It is interesting to focus on the goal of securing more scores while playing the games.


Kiddie Ride is another option for kids who love excitement and adventure games. Without leaving the world of arcade games, children can enjoy these games.


Kiddie Ride is another option for kids who love excitement and adventure games. Without leaving the world of arcade games, children can enjoy these games.

Bumper Cars

Bumper cars will be available to visitors in the amusement park, PUNO. In PUNO Advance, bumper cars will draw the attention of kids up to 6 years old. The unpredictable movements of these small cars give you & your kids a source of fun. Even riskless collisions of one car against the other bring a smile to your kids’ faces.


PUNO Advance has invested in bumper cars with an improved design that ensures high manoeuvrability and stability. Electric energy enables these cars to move solely throughout the small arena. Your kids do not need to learn to drive cars to enjoy the ride. So, if you want to experience a bumper car in Raipur for fun, you can visit PUNO Advance amusement park. And if you search for bumper car near me on google, you will get the results of the PUNO Advance only.

Adventure Games - Other Sources Of Fun At PUNO

1. Free Jump Arena

It is a special zone where your kids can involve in trampoline workouts. Banked walls, tumble tracks, and interconnected trampolines give your children the best experience. The oversized playground lets your kids do different activities without the risk of getting injured. From free running to doing parkour tricks, everything will be enjoyable for children. Playing on trampolines enables your kids to improve blood circulation and reduce stress. Thus, it is the best way to encourage kids to take care of their health by engaging in these activities.

2. Sky Walls

Sky walls can give a superman feeling to your kids. The indoor wall climbing challenge has drawn the attention of children and adults. There is a 90-degree straight wall, and you can climb through it like a mountaineer.

3. Dodge ball

This game is another interesting activity, which improves your agility and maintains your cardiovascular health. The park in Rajasthan lets you play dodgeball in an indoor space. The game also promotes skills like team coordination, catching, and throwing balls.

4. Spider Tower

Spider tower is another option for those who love to climb through the walls. There is a big tower structure made of elastic bands that create spider webs. A Trampoline mat is used for the bottom layer of the tower.

5. Crazy Jump

There is no need to have wings to jump high. But, PUNO has created a Crazy Jump arena where you can jump into soft, colourful balls. This adventurous activity gives you a thrilling experience. Although it is a jumping activity, it does not injure you anyway. An air-filled seat lets you bounce easily.


PUNO has a lot of things to offer. PUNO Advance which is going to launch on 11th March 2023 and it can be the perfect destination if you are looking for Fun Places in Raipur. Whether it is a weekend or a special occasion, you can enjoy your holidays in the amusement park. The arena of the park also includes a Hunger Station. When you feel tired after doing several physical activities, you can satiate your taste buds. Have some food and drinks without leaving the park site.


The existing sources of entertainment at PUNO have already won the heart of people of different ages. It is hoped that the new PUNO Advance will fuel their excitement.

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