Chhattisgarh is now witnessing the skyline of development, where the state capital Raipur has become the epicenter of urbanization. With a growing urban footprint, the aspirations of the people of Chhattisgarh are soaring to all-new heights.


Amongst all of this, the people of Chhattisgarh have found a new fun Destination, for themselves; where PUNO ADVANCE – Chhattisgarh’s 1st Indoor Entertainment Center has now become the favorite & most loved place by one & all. Ever since the PUNO launched its 2nd branch at Raipur, people have poured in their love & affection towards this amazing fun-filled place.

And now with the Launch of PUNO Advance, this has become a completely fun-centric exciting destination where people of all ages can find a sweet spot for themselves. Puno Advance is not only Chhattisgarh’s most technologically advanced indoor family entertainment center but is also one of the biggest in the state.


With multiple latest & never seen VR Rides & latest Arcade Games in the foray, they’re turning the way how the people of Chhattisgarh witnesses the indoor entertainment experience.

PUNO has lined up internationally proclaimed & accepted VR Games, Mad Wheels, and Arcade Games along with the refreshed Indoor Adventure & Trampoline Park, which is becoming an eye-turner not only for the people of Chhattisgarh but also for the nearby state.

PUNO Advance comes along with a myriad of activities that provides all their guests with an international experience. PUNO Advance is an evolution of Puno Adventure & Trampoline Park, where now the guests along with the indoor adventure games & activities also enjoy the latest Virtual & Augmented Reality Backed Games, that can be played & enjoyed on a real-time basis.

Where today’s generation is hooked on their mobile handsets most of the time, with an increased screen time; the real-time fun destination, PUNO Advance is providing a striking opportunity for their guests to reduce their screen time & enjoy in real with their loved ones, in a micro-environment, which is highly instagrammable for the social media buffs.

PUNO is established on the mantras of Fun, Family, Fitness, Food, together and this lethal combination makes PUNO stand out from the rest. They’re offering a unique product mix that is yet to experience in the state of Chhattisgarh which is making PUNO a craze & crowd-puller among the younger generation & the millennials. Even the new age parents find this place to be a haven where they can enjoy simultaneously with their kids along

Speaking with General Manager, PUNO Advance, said “We are grateful to the adorable people who have bestowed their faith in PUNO Advance and have made PUNO Advance, Chhattisgarh’s favorite fun & entertainment Destination”

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