Pots & Plates: The Ultimate Sports Bar Experience Where Play, Eat & Drink Collide -

Pots & Plates: The Ultimate Sports Bar Experience Where Play, Eat & Drink Collide

A glass of flavored beer with a yummy dish on your table lets you cheer with your friends at the bar. Right? But, a sports bar is a destination that takes your excitement to a different level. The good news is that you will get an opportunity to access the first conceptualized sports bar in Pune. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, or just a bar hopper, sports bar at PUNO ADVANCE, styled in the name of POTS & PLATES is a perfect paradise.

Let us see what you can explore in the sports bar in Pune. 

1. Watch real-time sports events in a lively atmosphere-

The sports lounge, POTS & PLATES, is different from a standard cocktail bar. As soon as you enter the bar lounge, its comfortable and inviting atmosphere will win your heart. The sound and visuals are ecstatic and will make you feel different. 


Many sports lovers cannot afford to watch the tournament in the stadium due to the high ticket price. But, there is no need to feel disheartened. Ambient lights, energetic atmosphere, and the uproar of other sport lovers will make your experience unforgettable. Besides, the big screen will give you a better view of your favorite sports tournament. You can also catch all the action of sports stars.


The sports viewing room at POTS & PLATES has an exclusive layout and multiple televisions. So, an unobstructed view of every aspect of the game is the main reason for visiting the sports café at PUNO ADVANCE.

2. Beat your stress and socialize with fans-

POTS & PLATES allows you to socialize with your friends & loved ones including other sports fans. You can make new friends and have light-hearted fun with them. You may also be involved in the friendly conversation during the game. Social interactions will reduce your stress, depression, anxiety, and moodiness. You will feel more positive throughout the day.

3. Enchanting vibe & indulging Atmosphere

The 1st thing that will take you by surprise is the engaging & indulging atmosphere at one of the Best Sports Lounge at PUNE, the Pots & Plates; coupled with lavish décor and charming ambience will surely enhance your overall experience. The enchanting music, ambience of the place with dark theme & indulge you in the game even further.


So, take your comfy seat at the newest sports bar in Pune and hold your glass of wine. If you do not prefer alcoholic drinks, you can order from a wide range of delectable mocktails which will surely entice your taste buds. 


The super delicious food menu will naturally trigger your hunger. You can order anything, from burgers and fries to pizzas. Starters and platters will please your taste buds and gratify your tummy.

4. Hospitality – you will cherish

POTS & PLATES comes up with a friendly and professional team to greet you and answer your queries. You will also learn about the latest sports matches from them. Even bartenders have an attractive personality and energy to serve you.


Food, drinks, and sports watching are not the only options for visitors. PUNO lets you play games and amplify your entertainment. The most interesting games at this indoor entertainment park in Pune are-

(i) Augmented bowling

Augmented Reality bowling is a revolutionary game with an interactive and immersive scoring experience. The bowling alley features AR technology, and the lanes get illuminated when the ball moves towards the pin. You can also choose any theme before playing the game.

(ii) Hit the Green

Play this novelty arcade game with the boxer arcade machine. After hitting start, you need to insert some money and punch the targets, which are lit green. The right hit will increase your scores.

(iii) Jet Pong

Jet Pong lets you play the beer pong tournament, where the gaming machine has a video display scoreboard. You need to press the green flashing button to start the game. The creation of every cup leads to amazing music.

(iv) Boxing

The electronically powered boxing arcade machine is another source of amusement. The machine is designed to interpret the effect of every stroke on the pad. The scoreboard lets you check the real-time scores.

(v) Arcade Basket Ball

The interactive basketball game gives you a wonderful experience. Even children can enjoy this game and promote their hand-eye cooperation.

(vi) Air Hockey

The acrylic playing surface and awesome visuals will give you entertainment. Enjoy this 2-player game with your friend.


PUNO ADVANCE gives you endless reasons to take a trip to its indoor entertainment park in Pune. The biggest attraction is, of course, the sports lounge, POTS & PLATES. From customized drinks and delicious cuisines to thrilling games, everything is available in a single venue. POTS & PLATES can become the dream sports café for visitors. The bowling café will give a memorable experience to PUNO visitors. 

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