New Year Eve 2022 Celebration in Jaipur -

New Year Eve 2022 Celebration in Jaipur

Are you looking out for a different theme to welcome the new year 2022? We all follow the same traditions of going for a party on 31st eve and coming back home late at night, drunk, spending the next day or the first new year day in a hangover.

Aren’t you bored with the same old New Year Parties in Jaipur?

We all have been to parties filled with alcohol and loud music that have a missing unique fun element. You surely cannot take your kids or the elder family members to these parties, as these events do not provide a familiar event where you can enjoy with all the age groups.

Why not try out something different for new year eve 2022 in Jaipur?

Let’s welcome this new year with some fun rides, trampolines, and music. Puno always comes up with something unique and fun for its events, further announcing the 2-days New Year Party. The Park is all set for its New Year’s Eve, providing you with an open space where you can spend the best family time. Equipped with fun grounds for all the age groups, you need not think twice before planning your New Year’s Eve with Puno, as it gives you an easy option to have fun with the whole family.

Join the PUNO for New Year Party in Jaipur

trampoline park

Puno has planned the best event for everyone who wants to try out something crazy to welcome the new year 2022. Apart from drinks and dance, the trampoline park has an energetic vibe for all its visitors, clubbed with the best food combinations and best DJs from all over India.


Puno is the biggest Trampoline Park in Jaipur, filled with fun rides and trampolines. The place offers different zones for kids and elders, keeping all the safety measures intact. The Park will take you back to your good old days when trampolines were just introduced and were a significant part of everyone’s backyard, reminding you of the evenings that you spent happily jumping and playing around trampolines.

Why not Spend this New Year’s Eve with the same good old vibe?

Puno is all set to host the best new year party in Jaipur. The park has planned a big 2-days event that you surely must not miss out on!
We all have been to many parties that begin on the 31st night and end within a few hours. With these parties, most of us welcome the first day with dull and lazy vibes or a hangover, just like any other ordinary weekend.


Resolutions are the main part of the New Year as we all make some of the other promises from ourselves, making sure to follow them for the rest of the year. Most of our resolutions are related to fitness that we hardly follow for a week or, if stretched, then for a month, not more than this.


Let’s begin this new year with a fitness regime. Trampolines are a fun fitness regime that helps quickly burn more than 1000 calories in just an hour.

The Best DJ Party At Puno


Puno has redefined this party concept, organizing its events for 31st December and 1st January. So, for all those planning for an energetic new year, welcome; PUNO has your back. Having fun with your kids and elder family members, providing them with a soothing, chill, and fun environment, Puno is all set for the new welcomes.


Moreover, the new year event with Puno is planned from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM, leaving you with a scope to plan a family dinner at Chool Restaurant after a long tiring day. Puno is a family place where all the age groups can have fun together. Filled with music and fun vibes, planning your New Year’s Eve with PUNO will surely be the best decision for the new year 2022.


Apart from fun rides and trampolines, a mesmerizing musical day is also a part of this event. Making the event more entertaining and livelier, all the best DJs and bands from India will be a part of this musical party, presenting you with an Indian fusion.


If you are a fusion and music lover, then you cannot miss this event. We all have gone to parties with loud music where we can barely listen or talk to each other. Puno presents you with a soothing and cheerful environment, providing the stage for the best local talents.


Just think of the Scenario- Jumping around trampolines or challenging each other in the rides with musical melodies in the background- Is there any better way to welcome New Year 2022!


Another factor that hits hard on our pockets is the budget. If you scroll down any of the new year’s eve options, be it a casual dinner or a club night, all of these prices will be a hike. Therefore, we spend a lot more than our outset budgets for these parties that only provide drinks, dance, and the next day hangover.


PUNO has a solution for this as well. PUNO’s ticket prices for its regular days and even for the events are the same. It provides you with a fun-filled event infused with a spark of musical melodies, the best food combinations, fun rides, and trampolines at a very affordable price.


The other best element of this biggest Jaipur trampoline park is the Chool Restaurant. The place is known as the best restaurant for delicious foods and eateries, providing the best scrumptious combinations at the most affordable rates.


Another benefit of being a part of this event is that Puno has no special hikes for New Year’s Eve.


Enjoy, Eat and Dance at the never lowest prices, ending 2021 and welcoming 2022 with the never before energetic vibes.


“Trampolines- Rides- Fun Vibes- Music-Food”


All under one roof and that too at the most affordable prices! Puno has an open entry for this event, therefore eliminating the formality of booking your slots and stuff.


Apart from the hangover parties, let’s welcome this new year with new, energetic and sparkling vibes with your family, jumping around and enjoying the best food combinations by Chool Restaurant, adorned with the remixes presented by best DJs from India.


Puno is offering very reasonable entry fees for this new year event, saving you from large unnecessary spending that we often regret the next day. Eliminate any such scope for regrets with Puno, by being the part of the best new year event.


Do you still have any reason to miss out on this fun event!

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