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Puno Advance is having Very good ambience, high tech games and insane VR quality. Pune is above everyone now😎

Parth Desai
Kids enjoyed Puno Advance very much....lots of new games, staff is very efficient & co-operative...

Rafi Mohammed
Great place to have fun. There are some new rides that are not there in town. Great service by Ankita & other staff.

Richpal Singh
All gadgets and VR and Arcade games are brand new at Puno Advance, that is not available in Pune city and are fun to play..

Vishal Gangakhedkar
It was an incredible experience at Puno Advance that exceeded all my expectations with new Vr games, Arcade games, Vex adventure, Augmented bowling....

Sachin sable
VR games, Arcade games are an absolute blast! The immersive experience and variety of games kept my childrens entertained for hours. Wonderful experience.

Amarrit rana
Have visited PUNO - Raipur, Awaiting for the Biggest buzz of PUNE to open soon..!!

Rohanpreet Singh
PUNO @ PUNE will be quite exciting, I wonder if Pune is made for PUNO, or PUNO is made for PUNE..

Kavita Sharma
PUNO the hallmark of Indoor Entertainment is finally coming at the evergreen city of PUNE

Simran Singh
PUNO is the ultimate place to have fun.. I have visited their Jaipur centre & it was thrillingly adventurous.. Awaiting for their launch in “Apla Pune”
Manish Yadav
News of PUNO Advance coming up at Phoenix Viman Nagar is really exciting, I am following your social media handles for regular updates.. Will visit you once open
Rohit Jain
I enjoyed thrilling activities at PUNO Advance in raipur. Waiting for Pune Location so excited for launch...

Anurag Joshi
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