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  • Book the Best Birthday Celebration Places in Pune for an Unforgettable Celebration – Puno Advance.
  • Action-packed venue with VR & Arcade games, Vex Adventure, Trampoline & Adventure Zone
  • Dedicated Puno Advance team to make your Birthday celebration memorable.
  • Fun-filled games & mouth-watering food and a wide selection of beverages.
  • Wide range of rides, games, and entertainment options for all age groups.

Puno Advance Packages

Birthday Party Packages - Games

  • Prior Booking is mandatory.
  • Grip socks charges will be extra.
  • Filling of waiver form is mandatory.
  • Minimum 20 members are required to book the birthday packages.
  • Any game can be played but max 2 times each.
  • On Peak Days, weekend prices will be applicable, refer to

Food Packages

Birthday Party Packages - Food

  • Prior Booking is mandatory.
  • Outside food & drinks are not allowed.
  • Minimum 20 members are required to book the birthday packages.
  • Junior birthday party hall will be provided only for below 10 year kids birthday party.

What You Get?

  • Quto - Puno's Mascots

    Our Quto embodies the spirit of joy, inspiration, and endless possibilities

  • Exclusive party room

    An unforgettable celebration awaits at our extraordinary party banquet.

  • Fun Filled Activities

    Elevate your excitement to new heights & Get ready for a blast of fun-filled activities.

  • Invitation Video & Digital Standee

    Elevate your party with our personalized invitation videos, empowering you to captivate your guests.

Birthday Party Photos

Welcome to PUNO Advance: Premium Birthday Party places in Pune

When it comes to finding the best place to celebrate birthday in Pune, look no further than PUNO Advance. Conveniently accessible, this Indoor Entertainment Park offers a memorable experience that can be booked with ease. With its unique design and versatile birthday party hall, PUNO Advance stands out when you search for birthday party venues near me in Pune.

Why Puno Advance is the best place for Birthday Celebration in Pune?

(i) Easily Accessible: You can book a ticket to PUNO Advance, an indoor entertainment park in Pune, and enjoy a hassle-free journey to your birthday celebration destination.


(ii) Unique Venue: PUNO Advance boasts a one-of-a-kind design, creating the perfect ambience of birthday party hall for hosting a grand birthday party in Pune.


(iii) Suitable for All: Whether you’re celebrating with friends, family, or that special someone, PUNO Advance caters to all ages, making it a fantastic choice for a memorable day.


(iv) Family-Friendly: If you’re planning for birthday celebration places in pune for family or kids birthday party places, PUNO Advance is the ideal venue to create lasting memories & bond between family members.


(v) Convenient Parking: Situated in the heart of Phoenix Marketcity Mall in Viman Nagar, PUNO Advance ensures you’ll find a convenient parking spot, adding to the advantages of booking your celebration here.

Book your Birthday Party Venue in Pune - Puno Advance

No matter what kind of birthday celebration you’re planning, PUNO Advance has you covered. Our indoor entertainment park in Pune offers everything from interactive games to immersive experiences, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone in attendance. To make your special day unforgettable, book your birthday party venue at PUNO Advance, the top choice for birthday celebrations in Pune.

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