Jaipur Best Christmas party is at Puno -

Jaipur Best Christmas party is at Puno

 Christmas is just around the corner and it is the time of the year when every heart sing with joy and excitement, be it the cold spacious city or the cozy environment or the bright lightning up the city with the nightlife of New Year’s Eve in the metropolis.This also means that it’s time to prepare for the festivities. Why not double your fun in this season? 

Before the holiday season officially kicks off, take it up a notch and make it even more memorable with your loved ones. If you want to spend some time with your family, exchange gifts and enjoy some groovy music with your loved ones? Now you can enjoy all these things altogether at Puno Adventure Arena.


Christmas is coming in a few weeks, so if you’re looking for a good party destination this holiday season, we’ve got the answer. Get ready for a fun and entertaining way to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends at Puno.

Why not surprise your kids and family members with a Jump-In Christmas Theme Party?

Finding the right party ideas for Christmas where all family members can enjoy is quite a stressful task. After all, we all want to experience the magic for this season, but looking out for a common activity serving all the age groups’ interests can be time-consuming. Coming up with easy and affordable solutions, Puno has a sorted Christmas Day 2021 at the best trampoline park in Jaipur. 

Puno is the biggest trampoline park in Jaipur, giving a common enjoyable platform to all age groups. With the festive season approaching around the corner, the adventure park has planned something special for all of us, claiming it to be priced lower than our set budgets!

Puno Fun Christmas Party

Puno is a famous adventure spot for Jaipurites as they love the aura of this place, taking them back to their good old childhood days. Full of trampolines and rides, the adventure park is a full family-packed entertainment option that you all have been searching for.


Puno always comes up with something unique during festivals, providing the visitors with homely and festive feels. For Christmas, too, the park has been all set, fully decorated, and adorned with fun vibes, providing an ideal option to spend Christmas Eve.


The Adventure Park has organized a fun party for Christmas, giving a common platform for all of us to enjoy, no matter whether we are with family or friends. Not only Christmas, if you are looking out to spend your birthday in some unique ways, Puno also has your back as it provides exciting discount offers on your special days.

North Pole Theme for Christmas:

North Pole

Santa Claus is from the North Pole, and this is where he shines his sleigh, trains his deer, ice fish, and tries Mrs.


It’s just before Christmas 2021 and you’re rushing around town. You haven’t put up the tree yet, there are only a few days till Xmas day, and now your kid is sad. It’s time to slow down, take a deep breath and enter the magical world of North Pole City at Puno. Step into the life-sized animated theme park at Puno, which includes Santa’s workshops and homes, as well as a number of other exciting facilities that await you!


Puno brings the exact North Pole feels for Jaipurites. Going through a complete makeover for 25th December 2021, Puno is adorned with North pole decorations, giving you a feel like you are personally there for grand celebrations. If you’re planning for a trip this Christmas, we suggest you cancel the same as Puno brings the exciting Christmas feels for you all at the most affordable rates.


More than the decorations, the adventure park will also have Santa Claus and Reindeers to give you the Christmas Cheer, clubbed with the feeling of joy, nostalgia, and warmth people will feel when the jingle bells will start jingling. Enjoy the music and games along with the set-up to make your day memorable. Spend time with the notorious Santa Claus and exchange gifts with them while clicking some pictures with him at the perfect setting of the Arctic.


Hosting the coolest celebrations ever filled with the light of joy and fun events, Puno will offer you a great time this Christmas, allowing you to see an entirely different side of the adventure park.

What to Expect from Puno this Christmas?

Christmas - Puno

After covering all the décor and party points, let’s scroll down to the benefits we all will be getting for being a part of this Christmas celebration at Puno-

1) Entry For Everyone:

As promised, Puno has the most affordable sorted family plans for all of us this Christmas. You need not pay any huge amount to be a part of this celebration. The adventure park offers entry for everyone on 25th December, providing us a huge platform to enjoy your day to the fullest.


Whereas on your regular day visits, Puno suggests getting the slots booked in advance so that we do not have to waste your time waiting for our chance.

2) Modes of Entertainment:

Music is always a prominent part of this adventure park. Adorned with the Christmas vibes, visitors will also get a bouncy dance floor with music, equipped with all other modes of entertainment, therefore providing you with a complete family-packed entertainment package for the holiday moods and minds.

3) Outdoor Games:

We all know Puno as the biggest Indoor Adventure/Trampoline Park. But the place offers multiple new additions to its visitors this Christmas, therefore providing them with an all-new festive vibe for the place. Visitors will be able to experience the best outdoor games at Puno along with trampolines and fun rides, providing you with increased fun activities for the whole day.

4) Come and Join the Best Party of the Year with Puno:

If you are looking out for the perfect Christmas decorating party, Puno is the ideal destination for you. Adorned with North Pole vibes and decorations, the place has something special planned for all its visitors, claiming to provide you with a lifetime memorable experience.

With no additional formalities of booking your slots in advance, all you need to do is call your family and friends, asking them to be free for the Puno Christmas Celebrations.

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