How Puno Jaipur Offers Social Emotional and Physical Development for Children -

How Puno Jaipur Offers Social Emotional and Physical Development for Children

A child’s physical, mental and social development are some of the basic concerns of good parenting. Recent studies have shown that a child develops and grows the most till the age of 5. With so many societal and environmental changes taking place in the 21st century, it has also affected the process of a child’s holistic development. Today, one finds that smartphones and laptops have made the attention span of children shorter in length and there’s an increased moodiness among them depending on the use of such technology. In such a case, what should you, a responsible parent do?


Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that lies ahead. According to top psychologists, if a child regularly plays outside, it aids his physical, mental as well as social development and reduces moodiness and attention problems. But where can you find such a safe, secure and fun environment where our children can play to their heart’s content?

PUNO – The Adventure Arena is your perfect place. PUNO Jaipur is one of the best places to visit in Jaipur for fun. Our trampoline park and adventure arena not only provides a topsy-turvy adventure-filled environment that caters to a child’s cognitive, physical as well as holistic development but also makes sure that they get to enjoy themselves in one of the safest environments in every possible way. It is no wonder that we are a top Jaipur attractions place.

1) Aiding in Children's Physical Development

A huge chunk of a child’s physical development concerns itself with a balanced and fulfilling diet that has all the nutrients in it. But with a balanced diet, what makes the development manifest itself is physical exercise and a fitness regime that lets a child grow physically at their best. At PUNO – The Adventure Arena, our fun-filled rides and activities will ensure that a child completely immerses himself in physical activities and uses his muscles along with the entire body to its fullest.


At PUNO, we have our own specially crafted playing area for kids aged between 3-7 where we have inhibited our soft play area with jumping, slide, running, and rolling activities that help make use of a child’s complete body, including all the muscles. PUNO’s special trampoline park is a Jaipur must see attraction and regular weekly visits of children at our park is a very good way to inculcate the importance of physical fitness in children from the start.


Generation Z, as this generation of children are known, have their lives revolving around the 21st-century technological inventions which seem to have taken away the fun that is derived out of physical activities. At PUNO Jaipur, we have created an innovative zone that brings back that physical fun into your child’s life with our creative, safe, and adventurous rides that fill the children with thrilling action that makes them push themselves. It is a no-brainer if you think about why we are at the top of Jaipur must see places list!

2) Contributing Towards Children’s Emotional Development

The mental and emotional development of your child is as important as his physical development. The cognitive abilities, the nervous motor functions, sensitivity, and positive emotional feelings, the problem solving and critical thinking abilities of a child develop the most during the first five years of his life. It is important that you give his brain ample opportunities to develop in the best possible way so that his mental health, emotional quotient, and abilities can be fully showcased when the time comes.


One of the major reasons why PUNO – The Adventure Arena is such a huge Jaipur attractions place for parents and children is due to our adventure rides that not only makes the children use their physical abilities but also test and sharpen their mental prowess. Our state-of-the-art adventure facility has its own EPP Playzone designed while keeping in mind to test the mental ability of the children.


The zone, which consists of various problem-solving exercises and puzzles creates a whole new amalgamation of mental tests and activities by bringing together all the best aspects that such puzzles can offer. These puzzles also help a lot in developing a better emotional quotient among children. There are also special building blocks with which your children can be as creative as they can be and make the amazing creations of their minds come to life!


At PUNO, we have done our level best to create a park that caters to every need of our beloved children and in doing so, we have created a Jaipur must see attraction for all.

3) Giving a Boost to Children’s Social Development

Socializing, making friends, and getting to know new people are a part of everyone’s life, even small children. Usually, they mingle with other children of their age at school and their locality. Unfortunately, it has become tougher for children to make friends at schools due to the ever-increasing activities, workload, and the coming of online education.


Since mobile phones and computer games have become the priority of this new generation, they hardly ever meet the kids of their locality as well, leaving them with little or no social contact apart from you, their parents. At PUNO, we take care of your child’s social development and more. Of all the places to visit in Jaipur for fun, PUNO offers both you and your children the best possible crowd to mingle with and socialize.


While enjoying the thrill of our rides and the mind-boggling puzzles and blocks, children will be able to interact and play with each other in an extremely safe and controlled environment where they can positively aid each other in their physical, mental, and social development. Friendships made at such a young age are for life, especially in our fun and thrilling arena!


We at PUNO – The Adventure Arena have given it ours all in terms of creating a socially-interactive, fun-filled immersive adventure arena and play zones for children where they can enjoy every activity they do with each other. This is what makes PUNO a Jaipur must see attractions.


Childhood is a time where children grow in every possible way. Responsible parents and guardians must help their children in growing as much as they can. At PUNO Jaipur, we promise you that we will do our bit in your child’s growth in every way. Why look for jumping trampoline places near me when you have PUNO – The Adventure Arena!

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