How Puno Became New Hot Spot For Youngsters in 2021 -

How Puno Became New Hot Spot For Youngsters in 2021

Parents with young children often lookout for new and fun outdoor activities for their kids. Playgrounds are now an old concept and not much exciting too. Trampoline parks are therefore the new name for fun amongst the youngsters, coming up with some thrill and excitement.

Trampoline Parks are a great chilling spot and have gained the reputation for being the perfect place for having fun with the whole family. Puno Trampoline Park is an exciting place for all age groups, giving you the option to have fun with your kids with some of the best adventure activities in Jaipur.


Diverting your kid’s energy to its ideal place, Puno- the Biggest Trampoline Park in Jaipur will provide them with multiple rides and activities. In addition, they have a special Kids Zone for young children. Apart from this, the Adult Zone at Puno has more than 20 rides with unique obstacles, providing you with different challenges for better mental and physical health.

How Has Puno Become the First Choice for People?

Puno is the only adventure park in Jaipur and has the best rides. It has everything to excite youngsters, giving them reasons to visit multiple times to try out new things and exciting, fun activities. Whether it is about adventure, fun sports, amazing food or different activities, the place has it all covered under one roof.


Eliminating the age barriers, Puno Jaipur has two different zones, allowing you to have fun with your kids. So, no matter what your age group is, you can again enjoy jumping back on trampolines just like your good old days. Maintaining all the safety protocols, Puno will give you those challenging vibes, motivating you to try out all the fun activities and eliminating your fears. This will help your mind get rid of daily stress, giving you some fun time with super energizing activities.

1) Activities and Sports at Puno:

(i) Swing Bridge:

This sounds like something dangerous, but it is one of the best rides at the park that you must not miss out on. This is full of craziness and does not hold any health or safety risk. In this, you need to cross the swing bridge, and your opponent will try to stop you, making you fall into a pond full of colorful balls. As you cross the bridge, you will be taken over to new heights, expanding the scope of adventure and thrill.

(ii) Sky Stepper:

In case you are acrophobic, then this is the best ride for you. In this, there are more than six pillars placed with increasing heights. Take off high in the sky at these skystepper by climbing these pillars. The individual will be tied to a harness, preventing them from falling. Reaching the highest limit in these pillars and jumping off will give you a sense of victory, helping you overcome your fear of height.

(iii) Spider Tower:

We always wanted to jump and climb off the walls, just like spiderman. Puno has a similar experience for you. They have a space designed with multiple webs, and all you need to do is set yourself free in these webs, flowing down to the ground. This will give you an exciting and crazy feeling, and jumping amid these webs is the most fun part of this activity that you must try out at least once.

2) Youngsters Can Also Plan Birthday Parties:

Apart from fun activities and rides, the adventure park also gives you the option to plan out your birthday parties, offering different birthday party games ideas, making all your birthday wishes come true with unforgettable celebrations.


Puno will add a fun and thrilling element to your birthday parties, offering a one-of-a-kind experience with lifetime memories. With multiple rides, you will also have an option to customize birthday decorations that will be the total delight for your eyes.


Moreover, Chool Restaurant at Puno has some of the best lip-smacking dishes and combos, providing an ideal end to the tiring day. These scrumptious options will help you recover the tiredness caused by energized activities, allowing you to have the best drooling snacks with your family and friends.


Not only birthday parties, but the place will also help you plan out your corporate events, kitty parties and even have an option allowing you to hire and book the full venue.  All you need to do is go for prior reservations, call and book the party, invite your guests and have a blast. To get more details, you can call on 829 829 4449 or email your queries at ENQUIRY@FUNATPUNO.COM.

3) Puno is for Everyone:

Removing the age barriers, Puno is the best option for fun places in Jaipur, allowing you to relive your good old days, jumping over the trampolines again. Moreover, being an ideal option for children, the place offers them a challenging and fun environment, motivating them to take up different rides and tasks and develop their creativity.


Puno also has an EPP play zone where your kids will be taken to a different blocking area, offering them sets of building blocks and puzzles. This will challenge them mentally, charging up their minds to solve the puzzles and move to the next level. Moreover, this has the biggest adult zones offering more than 20 rides to their visitors. These all will help people overcome their fears, take up new challenges and mind relaxations from daily stress.


Age is, therefore, just a number at Puno.


If you haven’t yet tried this new hot spot for youngsters, or if you are still searching out for the best things to do in Jaipur, then you are definitely missing out on the best experiences of your life. Puno has much more to offer than we can imagine. Lip-Smacking dishes, scrumptious shakes, fun and thrill activities, challenging environment and lastly, a chance to meet and engage with new people, all these offered under one roof.


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