Health Benefits of Trampoline Park for Kids and Adults -

Health Benefits of Trampoline Park for Kids and Adults

Well, frankly speaking, exercise was never a thing for me and I always used to look out ways that could help me maintain my physical health without performing any hardcore regimes. But I never got lucky with that.


Have you also been struggling to find a way to exercise? Find a way where you can burn more than 500 calories in an hour. Well, then there is good news for all of us, Recently, went through piece of information which say- ‘You can burn more than 1000 calories in an hour by jumping on a trampoline”


My physical fitness and mental refreshment were waiting to happen. So I was excited when I heard there was Puno, an amusement park in Jaipur where you can get health benefits while enjoying fun activities. I booked my slot right away. I read the description and it seemed like the best place for adventure in Jaipur.


How Doing Sports Will Help You Get Physically and Mentally Fit?
While scrolling down multiple links over the internet, I read that jumping on trampolines can help you reduce mental stress, and gives you easy options to burn calories. Initially, this might seem trivial to adults or grown-ups, but it can develop and refine your physical and mental health.


For example, when you jump in the air, you need to control your body and get it aligned straight for easy landings, control your muscles, and be aware of the space provided. This will not only help with physical benefits but will also improve your reflex. Simple!


I was looking for a similar activity for a long time and was filled with joy after reading and planning my visit to the game zone in Jaipur. Each ride provided at the park can be related to the health benefits offered by them.

5 Benefits Making You Stronger Mentally and Physically

Puno, first Indoor Amusement Park in Jaipur is a safe place to exercise more enjoyably. Moreover, jumping on trampolines has multiple other benefits related to health, mind, and body. Here are some health benefits that you can get by visiting a trampoline park:

1) Brain and Heart Benefits:

Jumping on a trampoline and enjoying other rides available at Puno will help develop your child’s mental and brain skills. This even makes their heart stronger, giving it a good blood pump and efficiently flowing in all the body parts. It will help adults lower their cholesterol and blood pressure levels, reduce the risk for future heart diseases, and strengthen the heart’s muscles.

2) Low Impact Exercise:

Trampolining provides reduced risks for joint injuries due to soft padded mats. These absorb more than 80% of the shock, providing an intense and all-around workout option for bones and muscles. People undergoing rehab sessions with less mobility must get their slots booked at Puno, the indoor trampoline park, as it provides them with the most beneficial workout options.

3) Agility and Coordination:

Trampolines will help you with an increased sense of awareness, coordination and balance. For example, you need to coordinate your arms and legs while adjusting the positions while jumping on the surface. In addition, acrobats and gymnasts widely use trampolines to work on their aerial skills and tumbles.

4) Improved Health:

Puno is the best place for adventure in Jaipur, with trampolines for all age groups, keeping all the safety protocols intact. In addition, bouncing on a soft padded surface will help increase your body’s metabolic rate and the ability to burn out more calories.

5) Mental Stress Relief:

After the pandemic, cases for depression, stress and anxiety have taken a hike. Trampolining, on the other hand, provides you with easy solutions to combat mental health issues. When you enjoy it to the fullest, your body automatically releases happy hormones that reduce mental stress. Bouncing increases the release of endorphins by the brain, helping you with relaxed and better-sleeping patterns. Jumping on a trampoline also increases oxygen circulation in the body, improving mental performance and making you more alert.

Trampoline Workouts gave me multiple benefits for my health. But, apart from these, the most exciting feeling is that I got a chance to live my fear and face it. This left me with more confidence and freedom. At Puno, you can work on your fears, face them and come out with improved mental fitness without being worried about any safety factor.


Puno’s safety team is undoubtedly the best for the game zone in Jaipur so you do not have to worry about any mishappenings either. A team of experts always keep an eye on the safety of people which I really liked about Puno. I mean, they are available at all possible corners for your assistance and help which shows their professionalism.


Let’s link these physical and mental benefits with some activities at Puno to discover which ride provides benefits.

1) Sky Stepper:

There are multiple pillars placed at increasing height orders, with trampolines on the ground and individuals tied to a harness. I have tried this kind of activity for the first time as I have a big fear of heights. I usually used to avoid any such related tasks. But at Puno, it was a lifetime memorable experience for me, helping me face my height fear confidently. 

2) Ninja Course:

The Ninja course provided by Puno was beyond the expectations, unlike the ones found at other parks. Perfectly designed with proper height and best obstacles, this activates your mental senses, leaving you more focussed and alert. This was a refreshing experience for me.

3) Puno Rope Course

I found this as one of the best activities at the park. In this, there are multiple steppers placed at a constant height, and you need to pass each of them, moving forward facing the obstacles while being tied to a harness. Again, this helped me combat my height fear, further resulting in improved physical strength.

4) Trampoline:

Jumping on a trampoline helped me easily burn out more than 1000 calories in less than an hour. This also reminded me of my school days where we had a trampoline in the backyard, and we used to spend most of our recess time on it, jumping around and laughing. Jumping on the trampoline is the best physical workout.

5) Donut Slide:

This was a unique concept brought up by Puno. In this, you will be seated on a donut-shaped balloon, and the team member will push you on the slide. This fun roll is much needed after a tiring slot.

Puno Trampoline Park is for Everyone:

Puno Amusement Park in Jaipur is a good alternative to your boring gym sessions as the rides and trampolines will put you in a good workout with your kids and other family members. The indoor trampoline park and Adventure Arena was a nice and desirable break from daily routines, leaving me more energetic and active. I was initially scared while entering the park and trying out the activities. Therefore, I waited for a while to see how others are doing and learn from them.


Soon a couple approached me, asking me to try them out without thinking twice as these are so much fun. The couple added that they visit this park every two weeks with their kids and other family members to enjoy a memorable experience.


I can now also agree that the park is so much fun and would want you all to take this experience of exciting sports, indoor activities, and a friendly environment at least once. So, take your kids or parents with you as the park has arrangements done for all the age groups and parties, be it a family outing reunion, birthday party or even more. They also have a restaurant named Chool where you can try out some lip-smacking dishes and mocktails, making you visit and try delicacies again and again.


The best way to keep yourself fit and mentally active is to get your slots booked with the Puno game zone in Jaipur. You must visit the place once as further you will find multiple reasons to plan your day off with them. This will help you overcome multiple health and mental benefits with easy and fun rides, giving you alternates for your boring gym sessions. Moreover, the prices offered for their slots and at Chool cafe & restaurant are unimaginable.

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