Fun Activities to Do in Jaipur on Your Vacation -

Fun Activities to Do in Jaipur on Your Vacation

Jaipur is the heartbeat of Rajasthan. The unrivaled architectural aesthetics, regal cuisine, and natural raw beauty of Rajasthan lie in Pink City, with a tint of adventure and fun, making it a world-class destination for visitors. The city is packed with richly decorated elephants, historical beauties, fascinating cultural insights, spellbinding festivals, and colorful dream destinations at every kilometer.


The pink name city is deprived of colorful pink hues, used to adorn the beauty of all the existing buildings and other architectural elements. A part of the Golden Triangle- A city is a must-visit place on your Rajasthan tour.


Along with being the majestic home to old royals, the city is also packed with adventure and thrill. There are multiple hidden elements of the place that are yet to be explored, which will be the highlight for your vacation, taking you to new heights, giving new perspectives, and allowing you to be free. In this article, we will share with you some best things to do in Jaipur to make your visit memorable in the city.


Jaipur- The Place for Adventure Lover:
Rajasthani Cities are often described with the context of history and maharajas, their ruling powers and architectural places, camels, desert, and food. These elements are undoubtedly the highlights for the city, but it has much more to offer than this. Exploring all the ends for Jaipur, this blog will take you through the adventurous, and Jaipur fun places, revealing some of the hidden and underrated elements.


Jaipur is the epicenter for historical structures, and visitors often believe that the city limits only a few kilometers, providing a clear view for only the Rajput ruler influences. But apart from connecting the historical sense to a personal level, the city also has some places that will help you conquer your fear, admire the beauty from a different perspective, providing you with an all-new viewpoint.


People who love adventure must plan their visit to Jaipur, and the place will help them relive fun moments with their friends and family. More than the historical and set itinerary, there are some adventure activities in Jaipur to do during weekends, making your leisure time more luxurious or adventurous, based on your preferences.

Fun Activities to do in Jaipur:

Other than exploring the wildness of deserts and rolling in muds of sand, some other hidden elements of the city will take you through the breathtaking experiences, leaving you with lifetime memories and reasons to visit again.

1) Rajasthan’s First Trampoline Park & Adventure Arena

Jaipur has one of the biggest Trampoline parks in India named Puno. This place has a whole new vibe, providing you with adventurous activities and thrill. It is ideal for both kids and adults, giving you an option to enjoy and relive your childhood memories while bouncing back to the trampoline.


The place is divided into two zones- Kid’s Arena and Adult Zone. The Park offers 30+ rides and activities, all based on the trampoline and indoor adventure concept. The trampoline park fees are also kept minimal so that you do not think about money when it comes to fun.


Along with fun and thrill elements, the place also has a café providing you with scrumptious combinations. This is a fully packed entertainment option, helping you face your fears and allowing you to relive the childhood memories again at the most affordable costs.

2) Cycling:

Explore the colorful pink-hued streets of Jaipur on a cycle. Cycling in Jaipur has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years, and you must not miss this heavenly experience. There are many cycling groups that you would spot on the track.


All you need to do is rent a cycle and join any group. They will further help you explore the beauty through pedals and short routes within the 50km range of area. This area includes Nahargarh Fort, Albert Hall, Sagar Lake, JLN Marg, Patrika Gate, Mahal Road, Nevta Dam, and other beauties.

3) Paragliding

Jaipur also gives you an extended chance to admire the beauty through the sky. Some of the adventure parks in Jaipur provide you with the best paragliding experiences, allowing you to reach the sky, helping you with lifetime memories. It is one of the most admired adventure activities in Jaipur.

4) Wildlife Safari or Desert Safari:

Jaipur and other Rajasthani cities are famous for deserts, but only a few of you might have heard of wildlife safari. If you plan to visit Jaipur, you must get your safari planned and booked in advance to witness the amazing wildlife, including Blue Bull, leopards, tigers, and four-horned antelope.


This will also take you to the endless deserts on the camelbacks or in a jeep. Enjoy Rajasthani Cuisine in the middle of the desert, camp, bonfire under the stars, and have a magical night in the magnificent city.


The best time to visit Jaipur fun places is between September to April, welcoming you with warm vibes and cooler temperatures. Equipped with many fun, thrilling and historical experiences, the city has much more to offer than you might have thought.


Keep your itinerary aside, go to local villages or small towns, ask for locals’ suggestions for tourist spots or attractions and explore Jaipur with a new view. Do not forget to book your slots with Puno-The Trampoline park in India as it provides one of the best experiences, helping you face your fears, allowing you to enjoy yourself with your kids, taking you back to your good old childhood days.

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