Five activities to Try in Puno if Want Takeshi Castle Vibe -

Fun Things To Do In Jaipur - Five Fun activities to Try In Puno

As a child, we all had some television shows that blew our minds and made us laugh like insane people. And one such show that was kids’ all-time favourite was the one and only Takeshi’s Castle.


Takeshi’s Castle was a Japanese Game Show popular during the 90s. The show was very famous in India, especially among the kids and teenagers, as it involved difficult sports challenges and funny commentary to add humor to the show. The show was a hit, and after that, every kid wanted to experience that kind of fun at least once in their life. Well, if you are one of those kids who want to relive the fun moment, there is a place for it Search fun things to do in jaipur. And the name is Fun at Puno.


Fun at Puno- India’s first indoor adventure and trampoline park and a very popular adventure area in Jaipur is a place where you will get the old school Takeshi’s Castle Vibe at present. Fun at Puno is an adventure park located in the Pink City of Jaipur with fun sports and games to challenge your friends and compete with them most excitingly.

Activities at Puno That Will Remind You of Takeshi’s Castle

Puno is an adventure lover’s paradise with an amazing diversity of activities, including roller bridge, Ninja Course, Sky Stepping, and a lot more. But few activities will remind you of your favourite show and will appeal to you to visit this fun sports arena every time.

1) Roller Bridge will provide Takeshi Castle's High Roller Vibe

We all know that famous roller bridge challenge of the show in which you had to go across 5-6 rollers in one go to reach the other side of the park. And if you fall, then there’s a dirty pond that will indicate your elimination.


Just like that, Fun at Puno has the Roller Bridge fun activity waiting for you. In this game, you have to cover a distance on a horizontal roller to reach the other side with one go. The only difference in this game is that when you fall, instead of a dirty pond, you have a pit of foam.

2) Donut slide will provide you with Takeshi's castle rice bowl downhill vibe

Another popular fun game of the show was the “Rice Bowl”. The contestants had to stay balanced on a bowl from starting a wet slope till the end towards a pool. And only when the contestant ends up in a bowl floating in the pool would they win the game.


Like Takeshi’s Rice Bowl, Fun at Puno has “Donut Slide.”


Slide down in a donut-shaped bag on a long elevated slope and jump out on an airbag to get that same heart-thumping experience. Moreover, Donut Slide is much safer and more fun than Rice Bowl. We agree on that, right?

3) Sky Wall Will Provide The Takeshi's Castle The Great Wall Vibe

The Great Wall was one of the craziest obstacles that the contestants had to face on that show to reach the finals. It included a big wall that you had to climb in order to get to the other side and complete the task, just like the Sky Wall at the adventure arena.


Sky wall is a challenging activity designed at Fun at Puno that involves climbing on a big wall at 90 degrees. The 90 degrees straight wall with hurdles will give you an adventurous experience.

4) Battle Beam Will Provide Takeshi Castle Bridge Ball Vibe

Remember the backbreaking game of Bridge Wall in which contestants had to cross a bridge while people hit them with the balls to break their concentration and to make them fall off from the bridge.


Fun at Puno has the same game where you can compete with your friends or competitors. You can use foam swords to make each other fall off the bridge. The only difference is that the ground is filled with foamy blocks to protect you from any injury.

5) Sky stepper will provide the Takeshi's Castle's Stepping Stone vibe

The Stepping Stone challenge from the show was undoubtedly the funniest and craziest one from the entire challengers in the front. Contestants used to get bang on the stone, fall into the water, or didn’t even reach half part of it. Well, that was the beauty of the task, we can say.


But with Puno’s Sky Stepper, you do not need to worry about getting your headband on with stone or falling into the water. All you need to do is cross the pillars aligned in different heights to reach the top and claim your victory. If you are a fan of heights, this game will give you the best adrenaline rush.

We all want to relive our childhood memories as it is the most beautiful part of our journey and reminds us of a tension-free life. And with Fun at Puno, we all can now relive our childhood memories with our favourite show- the Takeshi’s Castle in a more advanced and safe way. All the activities are meticulously designed at the Puno Adventure Arena to make us grab our favourite childhood moments with our loved ones.


If you are a die-hard fan of Takeshi’s Castle and want to get the same old-school vibe, visit PUNO today and have some fun at PUNO.

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