Yes you can wear your shoes and play.
Yes we have dedicated & Trained Customer Service Representative to assist you.
Food and Drinks are not allowed inside VEX games zone.
Rs.600 for Weekdays & Rs.800 for Weekends.
Yes, VEX games have specific rules and guidelines that govern robot specifications, game mechanics, scoring, and conduct. Teams must adhere to these rules to ensure fair competition, our Customer Service representative will assist you.
VEX games are typically played as part of a team. Teamwork and collaboration are essential aspects of the competition, as teams strategize and work together to achieve the game objectives. you can play as team of 3-3 as at a time 06 members can play.
No such restrictions are their, every player must be 10 years and above age.
Yes, VEX games are designed to accommodate a wide range of age groups from 10 & above age.
15 minutes to start the setup and 15 minutes to play a complete set of battlefield.
VEX games typically involve teams operating robots to complete specific objectives or tasks within a given arena or playing field. The robots are built using VEX Robotics kits and controlled using programming and remote controllers.
Play at India's 1st Freeroam VEX VR where you enjoy the Battlefields instead on Screen to real time basis with your Gang wearing FREEROAM VR Headsets & engage upto 6 players in 1 game. Match your Level today..!!
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