You have to buy a card with a preloaded value which can be used to play any game and if you want to buy ticket of adventure & kids arena then you can pay from that card.
Minimum amount will be Rs.300 (Including GST) in which you will receive Rs.254.
GST is already taken in the card so no extra GST is taken.
Bonus will depends on your recharge, like on Recharge of Rs.5000 (Including GST) recharge you will get Rs. 4237 as credit and Rs.1263 as Bonus total Recharge amount you will get Rs.5500 (Indirectly you were getting 30% Extra amount), Credit Amount can be used in any games and Bonus Amount cannot be used in Trampoline Zone, Adventure Zone, Kids Zone & All Prize Games.
Yes!! You can now enjoy khulkar; as we have dedicated membership plans in the name & style of PUNO VIP, where the guests can choose the best suited package from multiple available options. If you’re interested then please help with your contact details & our sales team
We have Special package based of 90 minutes (Add-on Packages are also available to extend time duration)
We have different entry charges depending on the age bracket & the package of your choice. please refer pricing page for detailed information
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