Sorry, Eatable items are not allowed inside the 360 Degree Mad wheel, you can enjoy your meal at our Conceptualized Sports Lounge & Bar Pots & Plates.
Yes, we have specific rules and guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. These may include rules about proper attire, no jumping on the padding, no double bouncing, and following Customer Service Representative instructions. Signs will be posted throughout the park to inform visitors of these rules.
Should wear comfortable cloths.
We have Pots & Plates, India's 1st Conceptualized Sports bar with Multi-cuisine serving, where you can enjoy your food and drinks.
Yes our professionally trained Customer Service Representative (CSR) are there inside to assist you on every ride, you’re suggested to adhere them.
You can tap your card and start the game again, the amount will get deducted..
No, you can purchase tickets directly from the counter when you arrive at Puno Advance . Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you and ensure you have a great experience.
Kindly call us on +91-8298294449 for more.
Pregnant women and individuals with certain medical conditions may be advised not to ride. It is recommended to consult with the attraction's staff or a medical professional before participating to ensure safety.
Yes you can, as max we can allow is 04 members.
04 members can participate, as we have 04 Mad wheels.
Yes, their is time slots of max 05 minutes.
360-Degree Bumper Cars operate using a combination of an electric motor and omnidirectional wheels. The wheels allow the car to move in any direction, providing a unique and thrilling experience for riders.
Yes, we allow 05 years and above age members, maximum weight allowed is 120kg.
Mad wheels offers a thrilling ride-on experience with 360 Degree spin, where every moves meet greater fun.
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