Explore Our Immersive Indoor Entertainment Park in Pune -

Explore Our Immersive Indoor Entertainment Park in Pune

A day filled with fun, adventure, and laughter always becomes memorable in your life. But, where will you get these positive experiences with your friends and family? If unfavourable weather prevents you from staying outdoors, PUNO indoor entertainment park is the right destination. It provides year-round fun and a range of experiences. The good news is that PUNO Advance has recently opened its new branch in Pune. So, adventure enthusiasts in Pune can visit our park on weekends or weekdays. From VR games to trampoline activities, everything can be enjoyed at the family fun park Pune.


Let us talk about those zones in the new entertainment park in Pune.

1) Junior Zone-

Our Pune branch has a special zone for kids who want to feel relaxed at the indoor entertainment park. The foam pool is the best place where children can jump with joy. Kids can even sink into the ball pit and enjoy slides. The foam-padded area ensures no risk of injury to your children. Moreover, we have added kiddie cars that let these thrill lovers have a fun ride. 

2) VR Gaming Zone-

Fight dragons or robots, compete with your friends, and obtain a high score while playing Virtual Reality games. PUNO lets you enter the world of Virtual Reality. Just put on your VR headset and enjoy the immersive VR gaming world. The mind-boggling games at the Virtual Reality zone are intended for almost all gamers regardless of age.

3) Vex Adventure-

The Vex Adventure arena lets you enter the world of hyper-reality. The VR attraction delivers wonderful VR effects, including hand recognition, vibrating vests, and vibrating floors. Players wearing VR Headset can freely roam around the VR-Freeroam arena and have the virtual experience of the game. They will have different feelings when they deal with various game environments. The specially designed armor suit captures the players’ interactions & flying virtual bullets, giving the players a real time experience. Play multiple games in the Vex arena without your mobile handsets.

4) Glow-in-the-Dark Trampoline

If you are looking for a Glow-in-the-Dark theme park in Pune, you can head to the PUNO trampoline zone. You can get involved in challenging yet fun activities in the trampoline park in Pune.


The wall-to-wall trampolines will naturally tempt you to bounce and jump more without any risk. Crazy jumping will allow you to relieve your stress and anxiety. Backlights and music have transformed the overall atmosphere of the indoor amusement park.


From roller bridges to fidget ladders, everything will boost your adrenaline levels. Besides, foam swords and cushion-like blocks provide you with a fusion of fun and comfort. So, you can book your PUNO ticket if you want to enjoy the trampoline in Pune.


Our theme park in Pune provides an exciting climbing experience. You can even test your courage and strength while walking through the challenging routes at the adventure park in Pune. The temperature-controlled space lets you enjoy a lot of games, like Spider Tower and Slam Dunk. Besides, 3D wall panels with decorative vertical surfaces are amazing for other adventure activities in Pune. The Ninja Tag arena is another attraction that presents challenging obstacles, such as giant rolling balls and swaying beams. We have also added a foam pit that lets you play with colorful foam cubes and enjoy fun activities in Pune.

5) Augmented Bowling

If you want to explore the Best bowling experience then none other Phoenix Mall Bowling Pune, PUNO Advance is your go to destination. The implementation of Augmented Reality technology allows players to enjoy an innovative style of bowling in Pune where the lanes comes alive with spark projection. Graphics and multiple lane themes will add a charm to your gaming session. Players can use their smartphones to scan QR codes on the state-of-the-art indoor entertainment center. They will be able to choose their lane themes before engaging with bowling in Phoenix Mall Pune. Ambient lighting sets the perfect mood for playing the Augmented Bowling game. Challenge your buddies and double up your enjoyment from bowling in Phoenix Mall Pune.

6) Interactive Sports Lounge – Pots & Plates

Once you step in the exciting & immersive world of PUNO Advance, you can witness a wholesome happyvali vibe at the indoor entertainment park with their built in Sports Lounge, conceptualized in the name of Pots & Plates. This is an indulging Lounge where one can EAT – PLAY & DRINK altogether under one roof. The illustrious menu & engaging ambience of the place takes you by surprise elevating your overall experience where you can not only enjoy your live screening of your favourite match but also engage yourself with exciting sports activities with your friends, mates & loved ones alongside your favourite drinks & snacks

7) Arcade Games-

PUNO Advance is indeed the best indoor gaming centre in Pune, comes with a range of arcade video games. However, these arcade games are not just for fun; they will refine your skills, boost your speed, and improve your reaction times and take back to your childhood days. So, you will get a chance to test your ability and creativity. You can also communicate with your friends and connect with strangers. Besides, interesting storylines make the games more impressive. Animations and artwork have brought life to arcade games in Pune.



PUNO Advance is truly an interactive indoor park with different sources of amusement & entertainment. Its gaming area presents you with several choices ranging from arcade video games to VR games. However, these games are not just for entertainment and fun. They help you do cardio workouts and improve your strength. So get ready to #bepunofied..!!

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