Counting Down to PUNOSONIC: The Ultimate New Year Party in Pune! -

Counting Down to PUNOSONIC: The Ultimate New Year Party in Pune!

As the year draws to a close, the city of Pune is buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the grandest New Year event in Pune – the PUNOSONIC best New Year Event! This event promises to be an unforgettable night of fun, music, food, and dance, making it the perfect way to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the New Year 2024.


PUNOSONIC is going to be a spectacular New Year’s Eve in Pune, Maharashtra. It’s an event that promises a night of unlimited fun, food, and beverages along with pulsating music by Dj Kryso. With the most happening crowd, delicious food, drinks, and rocking music, attending the 31st party in Pune is surely a one-of-a-kind experience.

PUNO Advance

A New Dimension of Fun PUNO Advance is India’s first Emerging Experience Entertainment Center. It’s a magical park where you can kick-start your daring adventure with technologically advanced rides, games, and activities. You get to enjoy the best of Augmented & Virtual Reality experiences. Thus, at PUNO Advance, you can expect an unparalleled experience at a fairly pocket-friendly price. If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate 31st Dec in Pune, PUNO Advance is the place to be!

Pots & Plates

Fun is great, but did you know that trampolines could be a great form of exercise too? Also, if you are somebody who is not a fan of gyms and fitness centres, but still want to become fitter, then trampoline parks are for you. With a plethora of activities and physical exercises that include jumping, climbing, and dunking, trampoline parks are a fun way to keep a check on your health and fitness. So let your muscles rejoice your fitness regime, not dread it and get yourself a membership for a trampoline park.

What to Expect?

The PUNOSONIC New Year celebration in Pune is all about letting loose and having a blast. The event features a massive dance floor where you can groove to the beats of DJ Kryso.

(i) DJ Kryso

The Star of the Night Adding to the excitement of PUNOSONIC is the performance by DJ Kryso. Known for his exceptional DJ skills, Kryso is an Indian music producer and a DJ who has been part of popular songs like ‘Fikke Fikke’ in collaboration with Project 91 and Mitika Kanwar, and ‘New Life’ featuring Nathan Brumley. His hard work, determination, and resilience have made him an inspiration to others in the music industry. DJ Kryso, a.k.a Santosh Panchal, is based in Pune, India.


He started his career as a DJ at a well-known club in Pune, covering various styles and genres with a focus on dance music. His music traverses genres, offering a harmonious blend of electronic music.  His performances are known for their energetic and engaging vibe, making him a crowd favorite. So, get ready to groove to the beats of DJ Kryso at the New Year bash in Pune! It’s going to be a night to remember!

(ii) Exhilarating Games:

Get ready for a heart-racing experience with a variety of thrilling games at Puno Advance, an ideal spot for all adventure enthusiasts.

(iii) Vibrant Music:

 Dance to the rhythm of our handpicked playlist that guarantees to keep you moving all night. DJ Kryso will be playing the trendiest music, setting up a dynamic ambiance.

(iv) Tasty Cuisine:

Embark on a culinary adventure at Pots & Plates, our unique venue, presenting a mouth-watering array that satisfies all taste preferences.

(v) Endless Beverages:

Toast to a night of festivity with limitless drinks, making sure the party goes on non-stop. Join us in welcoming the New Year 2024 as the drinks keep pouring.

(vi) Attractive Deals:

Take advantage of our enticing offers throughout the night, adding an extra touch to your New Year’s Eve celebration. We’ve put together special packages to bring more sparkle to your night.


PUNOSONIC is not just a party; it’s a celebration of life and new beginnings. It’s a chance to let go of the past and look forward to the future with hope and positivity. So, put on your shiny glitzy dresses and get ready to dance the night away at one of the best 31st party in Pune.

So, are you ready to countdown to PUNOSONIC and welcome the New Year 2024 with a bang? Let’s make the last night of the year a memorable one! If you’re looking for a New Year party near me or a New Year celebration near me, PUNOSONIC is the place to be!

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