Celebrated PUNO Diwali Fiesta for completing 3 Years of being #punofied -

Celebrated PUNO Diwali Fiesta for completing 3 Years of being #punofied

We at PUNO are so very delighted to share our Happiness with all of you!! Three years of joy, dedication, and creating moments to cherish—PUNO marks this milestone alongside the grandeur of Diwali. Thus, calling for an extended celebration.


Behind every story of success lies an idea ignited by compassion, dedication, and unwavering commitment. Three glorious years—it’s not just a commemoration of time but a testament to a vision. PUNO emerged from a legacy of trust in event management and fireworks, expanded its horizons, and embarked on a journey to redefine the entertainment industry in India.


This momentous occasion coincided with the PUNO Diwali Fiesta, where the essence of this journey culminated in a celebration that resonated across Jaipur, Raipur, and Pune. From November 8th to November 14th, the heart of PUNO’s celebration echoed through every center—Jaipur, Raipur, and Pune—painting the festivities in vibrant colors of joy and togetherness.

About the celebrations

Unveiling a Three-Year Celebration

For us at PUNO, this year, our Diwali Fiesta wasn’t just an event; it was an immersion into three years of joy and accomplishment. The entire space bloomed into a jubilant landscape, echoing the essence of Diwali. The festive theme not only adorned but also transformed, inviting guests into a world of sheer celebration.

Embracing Three Years with Exclusive Offers

We marked this milestone with unprecedented, exclusive offers that added an extra sparkle to the festivities. Our guests were thrilled by tailored experiences, elevating the celebration. The beloved PUNO mascot, Quto, became the heart and soul of the jubilation, spreading smiles and cheer across the centers.

On November 8th, at our Jaipur location, we celebrated Quto’s birthday! Quto excited & joyfully cut the cake and shared treats with all our guests. In the evening, we marked PUNO’s three-year milestone with fireworks, lively dhol dances, and a special feast for our staff. It was a day filled with celebrations, from Quto’s birthday delights to honoring our three incredible years!

An Overwhelming Response

It was a tidal wave of joy! Guests comprising of all age brackets, whether young or old, immersed themselves in an ocean of fun-filled activities. Laughter and adventure filled the air, ensuring there wasn’t a single dull moment. The energy was infectious, turning each visit into an unforgettable experience. Every Heart at each of the Center: Jaipur, Raipur, and Pune — transformed into a bustling hub of celebration. From the jubilant atmosphere to the diverse offerings, every visitor found their haven of happiness and excitement within our centers.

The Joyous Tapestry

Our Diwali Fiesta and celebrations of the milestone of completion of 3 years were in no way merely an ordinary event; it was a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of togetherness, joy, and fun. From enchanting decorations to an array of entertainment, the experience resonated deeply with the spirit of Diwali.

Why does it mean so much to us at PUNO?

The completion of three years in the realm of business isn’t just a numerical milestone for PUNO; it’s a testament to the very essence upon which its foundation rests. PUNO stands as a testament to compassion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to bringing joy and togetherness to every visitor who walks through its doors.

At its core, PUNO embodies the principles of inclusivity and innovation. The inception of PUNO was driven by a vision to create an entertainment space that transcends age barriers. Here everyone, from the young to the young at heart, finds a haven of joy and adventure. It’s not merely a business but a platform built on a firm. It is about the fact that happiness knows no age, and moments of joy should be accessible to all.

The completion of three years magnifies the endurance of PUNO’s core values: the pursuit of fun, family, fitness, and togetherness. It’s not just a celebration of time, but a celebration of the countless smiles, laughter, and shared experiences etched into the fabric of PUNO.

PUNO’s success and the commemoration of three years aren’t solely about business expansion; it’s a realization of a dream, a dream woven with threads of dedication to providing safe, thrilling, and immersive experiences. The completion of three years means a reinforcement of PUNO’s commitment to its guests—a commitment to creating a vibrant tapestry of joy, adventure, and shared memories.

Every visitor’s smile, every moment of shared laughter, and every heart brimming with joy serve as a testament to the very ethos on which PUNO was conceived. The completion of three years is not just a milestone; it’s a promise renewed—a promise to continue crafting moments that amplify the spirit of celebration, togetherness, and unbridled joy for years to come.

Heartfelt thanks to all the attendees.

The support and presence of every guest holds profound significance within the heart of PUNO. It’s not merely about attendance but the synergy of shared moments, where every laugh, smile, and eager participation weave a rich tapestry of memories and experiences. The guests are the vital threads that embroider the narrative of PUNO, transforming it from just a space into a vibrant, pulsating realm of joy.


Their support breathes life into every event, elevating the celebration beyond mere festivity. The genuine happiness reflected in their smiles forms the very pulse of what PUNO stands for—the creation of spaces that echo with the vibrant energy of togetherness and jubilation.

Their presence not only validates our efforts but also inspires us to continue crafting experiences that resonate deeply with their expectations. The gratitude extended to every guest who stepped through our doors is heartfelt because they are not just visitors; they are an integral part of the PUNO family.


The essence of PUNO lies in the connections forged, the laughter shared, and the memories created. The support and enthusiasm of our guests infuse each celebration with an immeasurable warmth, ensuring that every visit to PUNO is etched as an indelible experience of joy and togetherness. Their presence isn’t just appreciated; it’s treasured, serving as a constant reminder of the purpose and joy that PUNO aims to offer.


As we embark on the journey ahead, PUNO remains committed to crafting experiences that bring joy, adventure, and togetherness. We invite you to continue this remarkable journey with us, as we promise more moments of jubilation in the upcoming days.

Stay Tuned:

The celebration might have ended, but the memories linger. Keep an eye out for more exhilarating events and experiences that await you at PUNO.

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