Celebrate this World Tourism Day with a Memorable Long Weekend 2023 at Puno -

Celebrate this World Tourism Day with a Memorable Long Weekend 2023 at Puno

Tourism is one of the most vibrant industry in the commercial ecosystem, wherein this service industry is believed to thrive upon spreading smiles & happiness. Any individual who’s planning for a vacation or an outing to spend some jovial moments with their loved ones, desire a place serene to their expectations.


Capitalizing on the same, today there are multiple options where one can find their perfect mix of expectations that includes, entertainment, fun, relaxation & can rejuvenate themselves to unwind and throttle their performance levels northwards post such a splendid experience as desired.

World Tourism day is a unique way to mobilize different categories of the tourism players, right from resort owners to the experiential Entertainment providers, who have taken the baton ahead of supreme customer service delivery & have created a milestone in their own way for their specific industry.

Speaking about the industry specific achievements & milestones, “PUNO” has created a niche for themselves as far the indoor Entertainment Industry is concerned, whereby PUNO is the only indoor entertainment operator to be awarded by the GOI under start-up India campaign for its unique & out-of-the-box composition.

“PUNO” commenced its journey with the PILOT project in the pink city of Jaipur one of the go-to tourist destination in the Indian subcontinent region, as India’s 1st Indoor Adventure & Trampoline Park. With the phenomenal response received from the guests and the society at large, PUNO has expanded to 3 locations now establishing its Pan India footprint in JaipurRaipur & Pune.

With the growing literacy levels & the influence of Social Media in the decision making process, today’s generation believes in choosing a destination which is not only social media friendly but also stands true on the rising customer service delivery expectations.

Once a guest steps in at any of the centers of PUNO & PUNO Advance, they are welcomed with utmost hospitality & a myriad fun-filled activities alongside a fun centric vibe that will surely sweep them away during this long weekend marking the celebration of World Tourism Day 2023.

PUNO Advance is a synonym of entertainment where a plethora of fun-filled games await to take your experience to a different level; with Augmented Bowling Lanes, India’s 1st VEX FREEROAM VR along with a dedicated VR arena & next gen arcade games, will surely make the guests relive their childhood days while migrating them the Future of Entertainment.

The embedding vibe of indoor entertainment with striking ambience alongside a dedicated sports Lounge styled in the name of POTS & PLATES takes your experience to the whole new level, where the guests can not only enjoy their favorite sport games & tournaments on screen but can also engage themselves while playing real time games, like that of Augmented Bowling among others.

With the World Tourism Day 2023 round the corner encompassed with the Long Weekend this makes PUNO a perfect destination for your family & loved ones to share the laughter and those unforgettable loving moments.

This long weekend, seize the opportunity to experience the thrill of Puno, India’s first multifaceted indoor entertainment park. It’s not just a getaway; it’s an unforgettable journey filled with Adventure that promises fun, excitement, and memories to cherish. Join us in Puno for a long weekend filled with bouncing, laughter, and adventure!!


As you prepare to celebrate World Tourism Day this year, consider Puno as your destination of choice and make a memorable long weekend 2023. Plan your trip, book your accommodations, and create memories that resonate with the spirit of exploration and adventure.

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