A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Birthday Celebration Places in Pune -

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Birthday Celebration Places in Pune

Celebrating a birthday is not just about sending heartfelt messages to your dear ones. Traditional birthday celebration involves only cutting a cake and sharing it with others. But, do you want to give a twist to that idea? Your search ends at PUNO Advance as one of best birthday party places in PUNE and let your guests lure with the most happening birthday party venue in the town.

For your convenience we list a brief guide on how to locate the best venue for celebrating a Birthday party.

1) Consider your convenience-

If you are looking for the best place to celebrate a birthday in Pune, PUNO Advance is easily accessible. You can book a ticket to access this Indoor Entertainment park. This uniquely designed park in Pune provides the best party hall to host a grand event. PUNO Advance is really one of the amazing birthday celebration places in Pune. Regardless of the age of your guests, PUNO Advance has a lot to make the day memorable. Located in the Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Viman Nagar locating a preferable parking spot is another advantageous aspect of booking at PUNO Advance.

2) A well-equipped party room-

A properly setup birthday venue can turn your event into a grand success. PUNO Advance lets you choose a birthday party package that ensures fantastic festivities and interactive activities. The spacious dedicated Party Arena will easily accommodate guests and make them feel comfortable. As PUNO Advance is an action-packed venue, it is different from other birthday celebration places in Pune for family.


The availability of the audio systems will take your birthday party to a different height. With enough volume and power, the audio will fill the room and cheer up the guests. So, you can create the best party atmosphere in the venue. Let everyone rock the party for a wild, energetic celebration. 

3) Mascot for tremendous fun at the birthday party

With PUNO’s mascot, Quto, you can celebrate a magical birthday party. Mascot entertainers are available in the best kids’ birthday party places. The fun-oriented mascot entertainer will keep everyone entertained. The mascot character will amuse your guests with music, magic, and juggling. The professional entertainer will allow children to mingle with others. He will become the heart and soul of your birthday party. Kids and teens will feel crazy for snapping photos with the mascot. These photos will be mementos for children and their parents.

4) Host your Guests – With the Charm of a Myriad of Fun-Filled Activites

India’s 1st FreeRoam VR – VEX, Dedicated VR ARENA, Arcade Games, Zumba on the Glow-in-dark-Trampoline with a dedicated Arena of PUNO JUNIOR for kids below 10 years will make your special filled with excitement, fun & a plethora of never-ending fun-filled activities.

A birthday party always has a lot of fun elements that can boost your feel-good hormones. But, PUNO Advance gives you an exciting opportunity to make your guests experience the future of Entertainment .It is just an another reason for choosing PUNO as one of the birthday celebration places in Pune for couples.


No one will feel bored during their entire stay at PUNO ADVANCE, where there is something for everyone. You can create your own unique memories in the indulging Augmented Bowling Lanes where the lanes reciprocate your energy with Augmented Reality based Experiences and feel lively fresh on your birthday.

5) Culinary arrangement for finger-licking food @ Sports Lounge “POTS & PLATES”

It is another significant consideration while choosing the party venue for a birthday celebration. If you are looking for a birthday celebration cafe in Pune, Pots & Plates is a good destination. Once you have enjoyed fun-filled, thrilling activities, you can satisfy your tummy at the dedicated Sports Lounge & cafe, Pots & Plates.


However, Pots & Plates is a sports café it is way too different from other regular Lounges & cafes in the city. Whether you want yummy snacks or favourite drinks, this sports café will never let you down. You can enjoy real-time screening of matches and sports events.


Pots & Plates has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that restores the energy of sports enthusiasts. There are professional staff to greet you and serve your needs. Watching an exciting sports tournament with friends is a way to celebrate your birthday.


The sports bar in Pune has paid attention to every detail that satisfies all the guests. Immersive sound and clear visuals on a high-definition screen are some noticeable features of this sports café. Strategically placed multiple screens ensure no obstruction to your view. Overall, the Sports Lounge provides a lively atmosphere that makes your day memorable.

6) Availability of digital standees

Digital standees and invitation videos can provide the best experience for guests at the party. They allow you to add a personal touch to the event setup. Digital screens can also be used for showing the food and drink menu at the birthday party. Besides, dynamic-looking videos give fun and entertainment to visitors. So, the digital standees will help you captivate everyone at the event.


You might have started searching for ‘birthday party places near me’. You would come across different party venues in Pune. However, PUNO Advance is the best choice, as it offers something more than your anticipations. You can participate in fun games with your dear ones and offer the most delicious treat to your guests. 

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