8 Places To Visit In Jaipur In Winters In One Day Tour -

8 Places To Visit In Jaipur In Winters In One Day Tour

The most pleasant time to visit Jaipur is right here- Cool, Dry Winters. Winters is an absolute favourite not only for the Jaipurites but tourists from all over the world throng to Pink City in this season to experience the best views and food tastes- embracing the winter chill.


It is the time of the year when people usually search out the best places in Rajasthan to visit in December in Jaipur. For some tourists, the chilled temperature is mood lowered whereas for others; the season is a motivation to travel to the coldest areas. Jaipur is one of the best and most popular winter holiday destinations in Rajasthan, as winters in the city is the most delightful season.


Where most countries fight to beat the extreme cold, the touch of pink weather in winters adorns the beauty of Pink City, adding a natural sheen to its charm. With the warm sunny days, the temperature here turns from scorching hot to amusing cool, making Jaipur the ideal winter destination in Rajasthan.


The Beauty of Jaipur in Winters

The cozy feelings for winter mornings that begin with warm sunlight, sunny afternoons sitting and chatting with family while sipping tea and snacking on moongfali and finally marching out in long leather jackets or coats in the pleasant evenings and getting back in the blanket again as the night falls- the beauty and feel of Pink City in winters is truly incomparable.


Temperatures worldwide have taken a nosedive, with most countries receiving snowfalls and foggy surroundings. Jaipur also has a similar temperature, barring the snow part and replacing the same with soft winter sun and warm sunny afternoons. Winter is undoubtedly the best time to visit Jaipur, witnessing the most tourists for the year from early November to February.


The beauty of Jaipur in winters is unmatched as you will have multiple places to explore, the best sunrise and sunset views, beautiful shades in the sky, and architectural historicity enhanced with cold weather and a cuppa of hot, sweet Rabdi.

8 Places to Visit in Jaipur in Winters for One Day Tour

Be it sightseeing, adventure, or spirituality, Jaipur lacks nowhere in drawing tourists from all over the world in winters. With the options to visit multiple parks, historical places, and the best adventure places, it would be best to plan your trip in advance, reviewing all the best tourist spots and other places to enjoy the best temporary stay.


Here is the list of top 8 places to see in Jaipur in one day on your tour in the PinkCity of India –

1. Puno Trampoline Park:

Apart from historical buildings and forts, Jaipur also has been hosting tourists from all over the country to India’s favorite Adventure hangout destination. Puno India’s First Indoor Adventure & Trampoline park, fondly known as Puno Trampoline Park is the only and the biggest trampoline park in Jaipur, attracting the attention of a large number of visitors from the entire country.


The place is designed with multiple rides and trampolines and Chool restaurant, with variety of lip smacking delicacies to feast upon. Offering fun activities for all age groups and every unique member of your squad, the fun-lovers, the adventure-seekers and the foodies. Therefore, if you are looking for an option to spend the best family time, enjoying and jumping around the trampoline re-living the good old days, then Puno is the answer to your search.


Located near 200ft Bypass, the adventure park is around 25-30 minutes away from the city center. You can easily spend 3-4 hours at Puno, enjoying and having a fun time with your family or friends’ group. The Puno Jaipur ticket price ranges from 800-900, depending upon the day you chose to visit the place. There are Weekday Packages and Weekend Packages for both Kids as well as Adults.

2. Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal’s view is like a mirage. It seems like a graceful palace is floating on the top of a lake. The spectacular five-storeyed palace stands in the middle of Man Sagar Lake, featuring the Rajput style of architecture. Four stories are submerged when the lake is filled with water, and only the top one remains visible.


Located at Amer Road, you can easily spend 1-1.5 hours adorning the beauty of this palace. It will hardly take 15-20 minutes to reach Jal Mahal from central Pink City.


Distance From PUNO: 25 min

3. Nahargarh

Constructed with the rocky ridges of the Aravalli Hills cradle, Nahargarh Fort is a beautiful and the most historical monument, offering the best heightened and stunning views of the city’s landscape. It was constructed back in 1734 by Jai Singh II, serving as a hunting retreat for the royal family.


Located at Brahmapuri, it is nearly 5-10 minutes away from Jal Mahal and a 25-30 minutes’ drive from the central city.


Distance From PUNO: 45 min

4. City Palace:

City palace is one of the most visited and remarkable tourist spots in Jaipur, located in the heart of Pink City. The architectural details for this palace are a blend of Mughal and Rajput styles, adorned with fine artworks and immaculate engravings. The place is divided into courtyard halls, art galleries, sprawling gardens, and royal residences. It is also a home for the royal Rajput costumes used by Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II.


Located at Jalebi Chowk, this Jaipur tourist place is only 5-10 minutes away from the city center and is on the way to Jal Mahal and Nahargarh Fort Road.


Distance From PUNO: 25 min

5. Amer Fort:

Constructed at a hilltop setting, the opulent palace is one of the most iconic forts in Pink City. This is the best glorious example for the best architectural details and brilliance. The fort is further divided into magnificent structures like the Shukh Niwas, Sheesh mahal, and Diwan-E-Khas. Light and Sound Show are the highlights for this fort; a must-attend show for all the visitors.


Located near Devising Pura, Amer Fort is only 5-10 minutes away from Nahargarh Fort and 20 minutes away from the city center.


Distance From PUNO: 40 min

6. Albert Hall

Albert hall is one of the most renowned and old museums of Rajasthan, known for its treasure trove of artifacts, reflecting a glimpse of the region’s heritage and history. The fort is named after Albert Edward and Prince of Wales and has ivory items, jewelry, paintings, sculptures, carpets, and metal artifacts.


Albert Hall is located 15 minutes from the main city center at Kailash Puri, Adarsh Nagar.


Distance From PUNO: 20 min

7. Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir is the Laxmi Narayan Temple, constructed with resplendent marble white stones adorned with lush green backdrops and breath-taking sights. Various scenes and quotes from Bhagavad Gita adorn the walls of this temple, offering a spellbinding view when illuminated at night.


The temple is located at Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Tilak Nagar, and it will take you nearly 20 minutes to reach there from the main city center.


Distance From PUNO: 20 min

8. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is the stunning representation of the best architectural details and past expertise, one of the must-visit historical places in Jaipur. The place is known worldwide for its history, architecture and photography. Hawa Mahal was constructed back in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh and was earlier named as Palace of Winds. Hawa Mahal is constructed with around 953 windows, promoting proper ventilation.

The five-storey building is connected with slopes, eliminating the need for stairs. Maharajas constructed it to view the happenings of the city.

Distance From PUNO: 40 min


If you are planning for places to visit in Jaipur in winters, we advise you to spare at least 2-3 days to cover all of Jaipur’s major tourist attractions and other highlights. Depending on your time and preferred locations, you can select any of these above-listed spots to experience the best views and witness the grandeur of historical monuments.

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