7 things to do in Puno The adventure arena in Jaipur -

7 things to do in Puno The adventure arena in Jaipur

When we hear adventure, many things come to our mind, like chilling out with friends, going for a trek, planning vacations, some long drives through mountain areas, or anything you find fun doing. When we think of taking a break from our daily routine and going for a short vacation or weekend, we fail to do so as we don’t get enough leave from our respective work. We also lose touch with our loved ones because of our busy work life. To rejuvenate your bond with your loved ones and to bring back the old memories, PUNO has introduced “The adventure arena” as a fun game and various other entertaining activities that are available under one roof.


PUNO is an adventure gaming and entertainment place now introduced that offers various sports and fun activities for people looking for some fun time in Jaipur. It is mainly designed to provide a space for enjoyment and also helps you to clear your mind from everyday stress and workload. It has super energizing activities for all age groups with indoor and outdoor activities that you can choose as per your likes.


Nowadays, kids are only focused on playing games on mobiles, tablets, or laptops and are away from the joy and fun experienced in outdoor games. That instigated PUNO to make a platform for kids and their guardians to spend some quality time together away from daily chores. Whether it’s your father, mother, sister, or your brother, everybody can enjoy their family time here at PUNO. They bring back the feeling and joy of having fun together, which they missed out on because of their busy daily schedules.


With Puno’s Hunger station and its lip-smacking snacks and drinks, you can recover your tiredness caused due to all the energized activities. We provide the best taste and quality snacks and drinks that you can enjoy and win over your hunger. So come and enjoy all the adventure games and excellent drooling snacks with your family and friends.

7 Best Things to do in PUNO on Your Visit

1) Slam Dunk:

The most thrilling and exciting way to start your experience at PUNO is to go for Slam Dunk. It’s the final word action to advance your Freestyle abilities and honour at PUNO! Push the ball down through the crate like Michael Jordan. It will help an individual to make use of their potential of doing anything quickly.

2) Swing Bridge

Swing Bridge sounds like something daring and a dangerous, fun game to opt for, but we miss out on that experience if we think of doing this in reality. Here at PUNO, you can experience that without any risk and with full craziness. Do you set out to run on a swinging extension while your rivals are endeavouring to shape you into an ocean of brilliant balls? As you stroll over the edge and arrive at a new level, it’ll grow the extent of rush and experience at PUNO.

3) Spider Tower

As a kid or an adult, whenever we watch spider man movies, just for a bit, you all somewhere hoped to become cool like Spiderman. Be that as it may, you’ll have the option to bounce inside the middle of a particularly enormous measure of cobwebs to feel the insanity and experience past your assumption.

4) Sky Stepper

Take off high in the sky at Sky Stepper! During this combination of experience and confidence, players should climb columns with various levels till the absolute best breaking point at that point and take a jump trusting in the enchantment of the system at PUNO.

5) Sky Walls

If you have an inclination to hit new levels and you’re proposed to attempt to do some audacious exercises at that point, Sky walls are for you at PUNO. 90-degree straight dividers permit you to encounter genuine mountaineering with the most extreme eagerness.

6) 3D Needle

With the point of fun and development, we at PUNO look at things past the creative mind. The 3D needle is what no one can take eyes away from, a frame that offers you blended sensations of chuckle and excitement and may make you ‘uhh ohh’ for a second.

7) Interactive trampoline

The interactive trampoline might be a combination of trampoline and PC games where the player must skip to coordinate the developments of a virtual character in the game and perform freestyle stunts to achieve the win.

8) PUNO, the adventure arena.

PUNO gives you the experience to appreciate a casual time with your loved ones. Open for all, PUNO might be a one-stop objective for everything redirection. Considering the unhealthy lifestyle plans we’ve gotten, our prosperity transforms into a fantastic dream. With PUNO, we’ve made a phase where fun is ensured and Your real well-being is controlled. Accordingly, at PUNO, we guarantee your extensive improvement, where you appreciate the best events, appreciate your friends and family, and seek after your health goals, ALL AT ONCE.


We hope to provide you with the adventure out of your home and accomplish something fun along with your loved ones. We intend to help you to develop a bond with your family that is more grounded and better. We furthermore comprehend that genuine success is also close to as critical as your mental flourishing. We also focus on providing tasty and quality food for all our customers. With PUNO, we provide you to experience the adventure in less time and an effective manner. We focus on providing vacation fun and experience on an affordable. PUNO also provides a place for events and has experienced staff for all the theme designing and management.


For more details, visit www.funatpuno.com

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