6 Ways Taking Your Kids to a Trampoline Park Encourages Exercise -

6 Ways Taking Your Kids to a Trampoline Park Encourages Exercise

These days the kids have completely stopped their physical activities. Ask yourself, when did you last see kids in your colony or locality playing cricket or football? When was the last time your children took their cycles out for a ride? The truth is that these days, the hectic schedule of school, the extra co-curricular activities, and mobile phones have made children averse to physical activities. In such a situation, the best course that you could take for your child’s well-being is to get him some exercise at PUNO – The Adventure Arena, the best kids fun place in Jaipur!


At PUNO, we bring to you one of the best trampoline parks that you have ever seen with crazy rides and activities that will surely blow your mind away! A visit to PUNO is surely one of the top 10 things to do in Jaipur.

6 best reasons why you should consider bringing your child to PUNO.

1) An Energy-Filled Environment

The whole exercise of visiting trampoline park is an activity that will excite your child. The planning that you do, the journey that you and your child will make towards the trampoline park, and the cute giddiness that that comes with the thought of a fun experience on your child’s face surely brings a lot of energy to the table. What’s more? It will bring out the inner child from you as well!


As soon as you reach the park and have a look around, both you and your child will be in for a huge surprise. The multitude of rides, the thrilling adventures and the excitement your child will feel when he sees other children running around is sure to make him go haywire! What makes PUNO one of the best trampoline parks and one of the top sights in Jaipur to visit is its amazing environment that is filled with electricity-like energy that is sure to enchant you and your kid.

2) A Sense of Competitiveness

Such a feeling will come naturally in your child when he sees other children doing activities such as climbing, jumping, running, and just having the time of their lives while doing physical activities. In such an environment, children tend to imitate each other and compete with each other. Naturally, your child would want the same. After all, who doesn’t like to have fun? This will also help your child socialize at an early age and in turn, develop a better social understanding in him/her.


At PUNO, we offer our beloved guests and their kids one of the best and the safest playing arenas where they get to do tons of fun and frolic which involves physical activities alongside giving them a safe environment to interact with other kids of their age. Indeed, PUNO is surely one of the best kids fun place in Jaipur, and you and your child will go gaga with the PUNO experience!

3) Time Away from Screens

Continuous exposure to the screen is a big problem for today’s parents as far as their child’s upbringing is concerned. It is very common for children to be glued to TVs, computers, or mobile phones when they come home from school or when they finish their homework. In such a case what should you as a parent do? The best thing you can do is take them to your nearest trampoline park where there are no screens, only the topsy-turvy adventure of trampolines, amazing rides, and lots of games to play along with new friends!


At PUNO, our highly innovative and creative children’s rides and play park is sure to immerse your kid in one of the best Jaipur attractions places where they will never get bored and won’t miss their laptops or mobile phones ever!

4) Creativity Boosting Experience

This may sound a little too much, but this is absolutely true! A trampoline park that is filled with all sorts of rides and physical exercises is the best place to develop your child’s creativity. Every ride has its specialty and each one present your child with a newer challenge that he must overcome in his own way. While doing so, he will have the freedom to devise his own plan and overcome the twists, turns, and barriers that test not only his physical prowess but also help in equipping them with a set of creative tools as well.


At PUNO – The Adventure Arena, we have taken the creative side of things to the next level with our EPP Playzone, which offers a set of building blocks and lots of puzzles where children have to use their minds to solve the puzzles and get to the next round. A visit to PUNO is surely one of the top 10 things to do in Jaipur.

5) Satisfaction After Visit

After enjoying the whole day at the trampoline park, your child will surely be tired and will sleep like a baby. The cardio exercises alongside the mental exercises that he will put in will surely make him tired! Not only that, he will be extremely satisfied with himself after doing such thrilling, mind-boggling things while competing with his peers.


Satisfaction and exercise are guaranteed part of your visit to PUNO, the best kids fun place in Jaipur! Our specially curated rides and puzzles take the fun of your visit to a whole new level, which both adults and children can enjoy at PUNO, the best Jaipur attractions places.

6) A Longing to Come Back

A sense of longingness and an urge to come back as soon as possible is what your child will feel after a visit to the trampoline park. He will not be able to forget the fun he had while he enjoyed the rides and will probably nag you for days on end so that you take him back to the park as quickly as you can. Surely, you wouldn’t want to disappoint him, won’t you?


Nostalgia and an experience to remember is what we at PUNO – The Adventure Arena promise you. We take pride in being one of the top sights in Jaipur to enjoy and experience, and our thrilling rides and adventure-filled environment is such that it caters to both children and adults. Come, visit us with your family and friends!


In the end, as a parent, you should remember the kind of experiences your child needs from a young age and how great trampoline parks can be at giving them out. Especially if the trampoline park is PUNO, a topmost Jaipur attractions place. What are you waiting for? Go book a family picnic at PUNO – The Adventure Arena!

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