5 Reasons to Spend Your Day at Puno on Republic Day -

5 Reasons to Spend Your Day at Puno on Republic Day

This Republic Long Weekend, experience the adventures Made for India with the best Youth Festival in town, hosted by Puno- the biggest and best Indoor Adventure & Trampoline Park.


Nearly 50% of India’s developing population consists of youth and children. Youth festivals are the annual gatherings organized to motivate millennials & children to come up with unique and different ideas for effective changes, clubbed with competitive activities.


Puno has organized the Jaipur’s best Youth Festival this Republic Day by adding an adventurous sparkle to these annual gatherings. This republic day, Puno has come up with different and unique celebration techniques, allowing all its visitors to share their ideas and enjoy the trampoline grounds simultaneously.


Puno is the biggest trampoline and adventurous park situated in Jaipur. The place has been designed with multiple trampolines, indoor adventurous rides and activities, providing a fun ground to all the age groups, therefore winning the tag for a perfect family get-together adventurous spot.

Five Reasons to Spend your Day at Puno on Republic Day:

Puno is always appreciated for its unique celebrations for children’s day, Christmas, or new year. The trampoline park is all-set to organise their Republic Day event, hosting the best youth celebration party in Jaipur.


Here are the five reasons why you should plan your Republic weekend with Puno-

1) Puno is India’s First Homegrown Indoor Adventure & Trampoline Park:

Indoor Adventure was always a missing element in India, which is now fulfilled by Puno. Puno is India’s first Homegrown largest Trampoline and Indoor Adventure Park, designed with various rides and activities. The park is a full-fledged family entertainment package place, featuring multiple indoor activities, delicious food combinations, refreshments and music by famous entertainers and live performers.


The adventure park is divided into two different zones- Kids Arena and Adventure Arena. Kids Arena is designed with soft, foamy, bouncy surroundings for kids below 3 years. Adventure Arena is designed for 3 years and above aged people with a list of activities including the ninja course, donut slide, pore course, slam dunk, dodge ball, roller bridge, battle beam, swing bridge, wipe out, sky stepper, spider tower, sky walls, high performance, jump arena, 3d needle, cyclone and interactive trampoline.


These rides and activities are under high-security supervision, eliminating any injury or other related scope. Moreover, all the walls for the trampoline park are covered with vertical bouncy covers and have not used any hard exposed metal for the same.

2) Puno Trampoline Park is a Youth-Oriented Park:

Youth often lookout for something different in their surroundings. Sitting in a restaurant or going out shopping have zoned out now, becoming the old concept.


Puno introduces the new grounds for Jaipurites and all its young, elder and older visitors, allowing them to experience the all-new adventurous and fun vibes. Puno welcomes all its visitors with different time slots, & the most preferred ones are the 90 minutes & 120 minutes that can further be extended at minimal charges.


Most of the Puno visitors belong to the younger generations; & while appreciating their response for the same, Puno often organizes multiple youth fests for all their young and creative minds, providing them an engaging and interactive platform to express themselves. Therefore, it is also known and appreciated as the best youth-oriented park in the town.

3) Enjoy Indian Delicacies at Chool:

Rajasthan, especially Jaipur, has always been ranked at the top for their delicious food servings, leaving their guests with finger-licking experiences. Puno has also taken this legacy ahead in partnership with Chool- the Sports Café.


Chool Café is based on a unique concept, the sports café, allowing its customers to experience scrumptious food and sports under one roof. Designed with the theme of sports activities with live playing actions, the place is known as the best spot for mouth-watering delicacies, innovative mocktails and shakes. Chool is also known for its exotic food combinations that are impossible to find at any restaurant or café.

4) Explore India’s Diverse Culture and People at Puno:

Puno welcomes people from all age groups and provides the best social interaction grounds to experience diverse cultures. The trampoline park also often hosts open mic and other youth fests for their visitors, welcoming talents from India to showcase their skills. In addition, Puno provides a common stage to all their talented visitors, further awarding the best with extra benefits. This helps increase recognition and social interactions, allowing a better understanding of different and diverse cultures.

5) Puno Welcomes All- Children’s, Youth and Families:

We all might have noticed a sudden upsurge in party places, with a new place inaugurating every month. Most of the time, these places do not provide a familiar environment where you can have fun with all the age groups.


Puno pauses this trend with their concept by welcoming all the age groups, be it kids, elder family members or youngsters; Puno has activities designed for all, encouraging them to take up the challenges & enjoy their family time.


This allows family groups to have fun with their kids, helping younger and elder members get rid of their fears and challenge their family members, therefore promoting bonding sessions. Besides this, Puno also gives the options to their visitors to organize birthday parties, get together parties, kitty parties and even corporate events.


After reading out the short and crisp descriptions for the reasons of visiting Puno, are you still looking out for other plans?


Youth Fest at Puno this Republic Weekend will be the best option for your day-outs, providing an open stage to express your ideas and showcase youth talents.


Check out and book your slots now before you run out of seats and time!

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