Covid 19 Updates : Learn about our policy of cleanliness


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COVID Precautions for PUNO

We know that the current outbreak of the COVID-19 has stopped us from going about our lives the usual way. The things we used to do formerly aren’t the same and the pandemic has made sure to keep us in a state of constant paranoia. But, there should be no inhibitions when you set out to enjoy. We, at PUNO, thus make sure that your fun knows no boundaries, keeping all the safety measures in check. Check out the following precautions that we take to ensure your well-being and good health.

PCCP: The PUNO Clean and Care Protocol ensures that our premises are thoroughly disinfected before the start of each day at PUNO. This allows us to offer a space to our customers that is fully clean and hygienic.

Hand Sanitizers: To make sure that you keep from contracting the virus, we have installed hand sanitizers at every 50 meters at our premises. Each of these dispensers contain alcohol-concentrated sanitizers that help kill the virus to keep your hands clean and hygienic. The customers could also buy hand sanitizers from our store if they wish to get themselves a personal one.

Your hygiene and health safety is our utmost concern

Social Distancing: We emphasise greatly on maintaining social distancing at PUNO for your safety. No person is allowed to sit or stand within the proximity of 6 feet of another person. We have also separated the chairs and tables at our premises to enhance the quality of social distancing.

Face Masks: We do not allow any individual to enter our premises without a face mask to minimize the chances of contagion. We also provide our exclusive PUNO masks at our store if you have forgotten to bring your own mask.

Staff Safety: In order to prioritize your safety, we make sure that our staff undertakes all that requires them to be safe. Thus, we provide face masks and gloves to each of our team members while they are on their duty.

50% Occupancy: In order to make sure that not a lot of people gather in a limited space, we allow only 50% of the capacity of our park.

Online Reservations: To avoid getting in contact with a lot of people for the reservation process, we advise you to book your reservation online on our website. This would not only protect you and your family from coming in close proximity of others, but would also save you a lot of time by avoiding standing in queues and waiting area.