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Customers’ Testimonials to Guide You Better

Wish to know what our customers are saying about PUNO? We satisfy our customers with the best-in-class activities and thrills at the best indoor amusement park. We would love to hear from you as well.

PUNO gives an opportunity to have fun and adventure at the same time.

PUNO is the best place for friends and families that love to make a group tour.

From kids to adults and seniors, everyone can find the fun activity that they desire.

The price is reasonable. The discount offers at PUNO in Jaipur attract lots of visitors.

The high-tech gaming equipment in the VR gaming area grabs everyone’s attention

The sports café has a wonderful setting. It is a perfect spot for sports enthusiasts.

A few testimonials from PUNO visitors

We want to give you the best experience whenever you visit the park. Our team always likes to hear the words of our visitors. Your feedback is important for the development of the park.

I have visited PUNO with my kids. Thanks to the developer for this amazing creation.
RohanPreet Singh
PUNO is great as a multi-activity adventure zone. The indoor park has kept me motivated and energetic continuously for 3 hours.
Kavita Sharma
Thanks to your team. You have helped me to solve issues while buying tickets.
Simran Singh
I have taken my daughter to the park on her birthday. She said that it is the best gift for her.
Manish Yadav
I have felt no safety concerns, even when jumping to a considerable height.
Rohit Jain
I enjoyed the bumper car ride at PUNO Advance in Jaipur. The riskless collision has provided a different feeling.
Anurag Joshi
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