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We love hearing from our visitors. Go through our testimonials to be assured of the overall fun and excitement.

Testimonials from PUNO visitors

PUNO is established with the aim of providing fun and maintaining the health of kids and adults. The goal of developing this park is to give you the ultimate source of entertainment. However, we constantly try to improve our park set depending on our visitors’ feedback.

PUNO is the best place to invite guests and host an event.

Discounts have made the tickets more affordable and increased the interest of visitors.

Delicious foods and refreshing drinks are available at the nearby site of the park.

The overall park for recreation is well designed, with the presence of state-of-the-art gaming systems.

The rides are really exciting for kids. They are 100% safe as well.

The location is good, as the park is easy to access from any part of the city.

PUNO in Raipur has received a lot of positive reviews from visitors. It has encouraged us to improve the adventure park and provide more amusements.

My children love the Donut Slide, where they have enjoyed swirling, rotating, and sideway movements.
Rohan Sharma
I think PUNO is the best place in Raipur where I get both fun and relaxation.
Shubham Mathur
I love the opportunity to buy yummy foods. When I have felt hungry after playing games, I purchased some food and drinks.
Karishma Sharma
I have thought of visiting PUNO every Sunday. I believe it is the best way to take care of health.
Khushi Yadav
The overall park is amazing. PUNO is more attractive than other theme parks in India.
Rahul Singh
I have won a free ticket from PUNO. I have invited one of my friends to join us and celebrate a day.
Dinesh Shekhawat
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