Party at PUNO Raipur- A Sneak Peek into Puno Parties and Events -

Party at PUNO Raipur- A Sneak Peek into Puno Parties and Events

With the start of a new calendar year 2022, it seems that life has taken a new swing altogether. Today as we bid adieu to the Jubilant January, with it’s own share of chocolaty experiences, each one of us might have had their own hits & misses, while PUNO Adventure & Trampoline Parks might have been one such thing among your to-do list.

1) Parties & Memories

Memories, whether good or bad hold a very special part of our conscience, where each individual stays connected to the events along with the people & places; so when you are at any of the PUNO – Adventure & Trampoline Parks nearby, you can gift yourself an assuring fun filled adventurous time-out. PUNO in Raipur is not just another Trampoline Park, but a whole new world of excitement where Fun & Laughter awaits for your presence.


It’s a wide perception that memories are not coupled up with any expiry dates nor with any timelines; but these instances leave a lasting impression forever, & what can be better than creating memoirs where we spend some quality time with our loved ones. Spending quality time with those close to our heart, makes us happy & is definitely a blessing in disguise, where we get the opportunity to bond together & relish the nuances of the sweet relationship; And we at PUNO facilitate such gatherings where you can plan up such hangouts & parties.


PUNO is India’s most uniquely placed Entertainment park, where you as a guest can explore over 20+ activities spread across different zones viz Independent Trampoline Arena & Indoor Adventure Zone where each activity is coupled up with unlimited fun & frolic

2) PUNO Parties & The PUNO Magic

When you’re at PUNO, you are bound to be taken on a roller coaster ride with PUNO’s one of a kind micro environment, which is young, lucid & electrifying. The ambience here at every PUNO park will make you groove to its own vibe every time whenever you step in irrespective of your age bracket; And to add the icing on cake is the dedicated Party Zone especially curated for the party hoppers, planning to host / enjoy a merry time with their friends & family.


PUNO Adventure & Trampoline Parks are beyond the concept of just being recognized as Activity Centers, these parks are designed keeping in mind the holistic individual intellect points, where one can visit with their bunch of friends or with family / kids to glide in to a zone of paisa vasool entertainment.


All the PUNO parks are known for their party magic mania, wherein you can choose from an ensemble party options & also look forward to host your special ones on a special date while adding some twist to the regular party festivities.


Now in 2022, parties will never be what they were in the previous decade. Today, PUNO guests irrespective of their age brackets come up in numbers leaving their phones behind with a motive of detoxifying themselves from excessive usage of the digital world where you’re not glued to your phones & enjoy the real time thrill thus pushing forward your physical competitiveness.


Sounds Tiring, Not yet!! Once you’re done up with the indoor adventure & trampoline arena a dedicated party area awaits your guests to take a break & relax with a lumptrous & an extended food menu, designed to rejuvenate your taste buds.

3) Unity in Diversity

Yes!! It’s the PUNO constitution, which holds the concept pretty dearly; now whether you’re a millennial or a parent of two, age doesn’t hold you back from hosting your loved ones at PUNO Adventure & Trampoline Parks. At PUNO, you can find a package for your every requirement, where the Parties are further categorized on the event which drives the foray viz,




Hosting your beloved’s special date just got easier, with dedicated PUNO packages varying from 10 pax to even 100.


Now, you don’t need to actually dwell up in tiring task for scheduling your ward’s Birthday Party or even pampering your mate with a private party coupled with engaging activities which are sure to give them an adrenaline rush. PUNO is just a call away to get the things sorted & arrange a custom made plan for your loved ones, while you merely focus on having fun on the go. The dedicated party manager, assist all the guests from answering their queries to assuring them of a hassle free experience throughout their stay at PUNO parks.


Did I miss Décor / Menu?? Not really though; these are just few tweaks which consume much of your time & efforts; while coordinating with your balloonwalas is something read in ancient history now; at PUNO, you will come across a niche experience whether it’s the food or the décor. With custom made décor options to theme parties alongside a full fledged restaurant / food court under it’s kitty, some of the best world cuisines are served at PUNO Parks leveraging guests with best of both the worlds.


Do you remember, Ladies Night out? Now, PUNO launches Ladies DAY OUT!! Yes all the beautiful Ladies’ & Girls’ who are reading this content, can actually feast themselves with PUNO Queens on offer, where they can come up with their gang & reenergize their bonds while visiting the memory lanes of their beautiful relationship.


I heard someone saying, What about Team Building?? It’s a widely acknowledged phrase, TRUTH SUSTAINS, while TRUST WIN HEARTS; that’s where the PUNO constitution comes in where your valuable employees can spend time together finding an opportunity to bond well with their colleagues & coworkers coming up from different age group & cultures, enhancing their adaptability & functionality as a team; thus making each one a long term asset for the organization henceforth.

This is just a sneak peek into the fascinating world of PUNO Adventure & Trampoline Parks where you can gift yourself a chance to rewind & reconnect with your inner conscience enhancing & leveraging your physical agility while you also bond with your loved ones. Thus making you – MORE HAPPIER; MORE CONTENDED & MORE SATISFIED.So, what are you waiting for #BEPUNOFIED now. Concluding, if you’re looking for best party places in Raipur , PUNO Raipur should be at the top of your list. Because no matter, How, When or with Whom You’ve decided to party: PUNO has got you covered.

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