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Trampoline Benefits for Kids and Adults that keeps you Healthy and Fit.

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Trampoline Benefits - Health Benefits of Trampoline 

It's a known fact that Trampoline activities are good for health an fitness, however this time it's coming from the renowned Monmouth University of New Jersey.

As per the excerpts taken from a reputed Hindi Daily, the benefits of trampoline are explained as a way of living for those who want to possess a healthy & fit lifestyle.

Trampoline & it's associated usage is no longer confined for Entertainment purposes, rather there's a time proven study that illustrates how well can trampoline activities keep you at bay from all the major cardiac diseases and is therapeutic in nature.

Not only does the trampoline games & activities connects you with your childhood days, but also comes in as a stress buster & leverages you to exercise keeping the fun quotient in mind.

As per the studies available, an average male individual may burn upto 12.4 calories a minute & a female counterpart can burn upto 9.4 calories, which is equivalent to the calories burnt by jogging a 6-mile track.

Isn't it interesting?

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