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My Puno Jaipur Experience and Review

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Adventure Parks In Jaipur - PUNO - Adventure & Trampoline Park

Jaipur is the best known tourist spot in India – a vibrant city teeming with life and culture. You have to see this incredible place for yourself – though, it's probably best not to go alone.

I planned my trip to the city to explore its historical and heritage elements including Hawa Mahal, Albert Hall, Central Park, and other monuments. 

But, as soon as I arrived at the city, I happened to find out there was a jump trampoline park as well! I decided to spend a day off to explore this element of the city — and I was not disappointed. It took my trip up a notch and came out as a pleasant surprise for me.

 I Landed at Puno which comes in top 10 visiting places in Jaipur.

The experience at this place is so relaxing, so different from anything I've ever experienced before . It challenged me both emotionally and physically — but in a good way! 

Because of the atmosphere and the staff, I didn't want to leave.This place has its vibes that you would surely not want to miss out on. Wait there's more I need to share with you on my experience at PUNO, Jaipur

Puno Trampolines are for Everyone 

There is no age barrier or limit at Puno Jaipur. No matter how old or young you are, you can enjoy jumping over trampolines again. They have two different sections, one for adults and the other for kids. These two are designed with proper safety protocols where both adults and children can enjoy themselves together. 

Also, being the only jump trampoline park in Jaipur, my expectations were low, and I didn’t expect to be so functional and versatile. But, my view of it changed once I entered the park. It has those challenging vibes in the place that will force you to give a hit and try all the rides at least once. 

Activities Offered at Puno

In the kids Arena at Puno, there are different slides, playing areas, climb, roll and jump activities. 

For adults and kids above 7 years of age, the place has so much to offer that you will never want to step out of the zone. 

Starting from donut slide, ninja course, rope course, dodgeball, interactive trampoline, free jump arena, 3D Needle, high performance, sky walls, wipe out, sky stepper, roller bridge, battle beam to spider tower, all these activities will be included in your  Puno Jaipur ticket price

I personally enjoyed some of these activities so much that I went for them more than twice. i would suggest you all to complete all the activities once and then go for the second round. 

Apart from this, the park will also give you an option to extend your time slot if you want to. 

 Safety Protocols at the Puno

I am acrophobic, and I avoid any such ride or task placed at high altitudes because of safety concerns or any other.  

Any mishap or accident is one of the biggest concerns while having any adventure, as we all have seen multiple accidents related to the same in different countries. But Puno Jaipur eliminates any such risk. The instruments are functional so that there are no chances for any such accidents. 

While going for the challenges, you will be provided with helmets, gloves, and pads for safety.  

Another great benefit of their design is that instead of using hard metals like most inflatable bouncers, they use soft cushioned materials which make the experience more pleasurable.

 Participants will be tied to harnesses for some of the high-heightened attractions, which will enable them to feel like birds flying through the sky.


Best Place for Children               


 Puno is one of the best places for children. The reason being the environment. 

Not only me, instead most of the parents have noticed a change in their kid’s behaviours after the pandemic. They are not ready to step out, play and interact with other kids. 

On the other hand, Puno will give them the reasons to visit the place again and again.  Also, it will provide them with multiple physical and mental challenges apart from mobile games that they would love to solve. Puno is also one of the best place to celebrate  birthday in Jaipur

This is both for kids and adults, as the park allows you to have your best and most unique birthday celebrations,for life. It will add a thrill and fun element to your day with customization options for decorations, being a total delight for eyes too at the same time.  

Sports Café at Puno: #Chool by #WTF                                             


I already had my dinner plans at some other café near trampoline parks after a tiring day at Puno. Though I knew that the place also has a café named #WTF, but as most of you will also think, a place can only be good at one genre. I too thought the same. 

But while I was there, I saw a crowd rushing towards the café before booking their adventure slots. I also followed them to see what all the place has to offer. I could not resist ordering at the café because of the aroma.This has the most mouth-watering combinations, clubbing ethnicity with modernity. 

I would strongly recommend you to try their innovative mocktails and shakes. Those were the best in town I had. You can also book parties and dinners at the cafe to make your special day more memorable and happening. 

Price For Trampoline Park 

Puno has the best affordable price for Trampoline Park. Their prices are based on different time slots, as provided by the management. They used to differentiate between the same from different colored bands tied at the entrance. 

I opted for a one hour slot, and the Puno Jaipur ticket price was only 800/-. I confirmed twice about the price as for almost all the other adventure park I have visited before, I at least paid a minimum amount for 1500/- and this price was after excluding some of the activities. 



Puno has included all their rides and trampolines in the given price, and for kids, this was even low, only to 600/-. This makes it the best fun place in Jaipur.   

These all are the major factors that attracted my interest. We all have known Jaipur for serenity and calmness. But the place has a hidden element too, adding up thrill and excitement to your trip.  

With increased excitement, Puno will surely be the first tourist destination I will be planning to visit during my next trip to Jaipur. I would rate this place with five stars. If you have not visited Puno yet, take a day off as soon as possible as you are missing out on one of the best experiences in town

Book Online Ticket for Fun at Puno

With their service of online booking, now any person can buy their tickets for Fun at Puno online. All you need to do is visit the website of Fun at Puno to take the process further.

  • Once  you visit the website, you will see a button in the right corner named “Buy Ticket”

  • When you click on that tab, you will get directed to another window with multiple options for booking a ticket. 

  • Select the plan you prefer and fill out the details like no. no members, date, and mobile number. 

  • After signing up and filling up the details, you will get directed to confirmation. Once you confirm all the details and make a payment, your online booking will be done. 

So what are you waiting for, visit the first ever trampoline park in Jaipur- Fun at Puno with your friends and family now.