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8 Reason To Indulge In Puno Festive Season Vibes

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Amusement Centers - Eight Reason  To Indulge To In PUNO Festive Season Vibes

Thanksgiving season has officially begun, with people planning for their holidays, looking out for new and out-of-the-box ideas to have the best time with their family and friends.

 Thanksgiving refers to the national holidays, originated from the United States, Canada, Grenada, Liberia and Saint Lucia, celebrated to thank for the blessings of the harvest and the preceding year. 

India has also started celebrating these international holidays, offering various fun options to the residents. All the stores, adventure parks and other themed places are adorned with thanksgiving vibes, offering a fun ground to their visitors to have the best time. 

The biggest trampoline park in Jaipur, Puno is also set to welcome their visitors in Thanksgiving Holidays, offering them an impressive and long list of fun activities that they would surely enjoy with their family and friends. 

Puno is always known and appreciated as the host for the best celebrations, be it for any festival or event. Adorning their vibes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year themes, the adventure park is ready to welcome their visitors with the best discounts, offering large fun grounds to have fun with all the age groups.

Why To Opt for Fun At Puno For Holiday Season

If you are looking to plan your holidays, then Puno has the best-affordable solutions for your search. The trampoline park is full of multiple fun rides and grounds, giving you the best time with your families. 

Here’s the list of the top 10 reasons you must plan your holidays with Puno- allowing you a relief to your pockets with maximized fun elements. 

Puno is the official holiday ground for many of its visitors. Offering unique, fun activities and the best time, it gives you an easy option to replace your short tours with a day out. To all those who love jumping on trampolines or looking out for the grounds to have fun with their family members or friends’ group, Puno has the best rides for you. 

More than just rides, Chool Restaurant at Puno will serve you with the best combinations and dishes, making the day out worth a trip. The restaurant’s menu is adorned with holiday meals, offering Thanksgiving famous dishes options to have the complete feel.

 As promised, Puno has the best affordable solutions for all your holiday needs. Puno asks its visitors to book their slots, saving both their extra time and efforts of waiting for their chances. Puno Ticket Price ranges from Rs. 800/- for adults and Rs. 600 for kids. Both are for 60 minutes slots that can further be extended at the most inexpensive options. 

You would never want to step out of the fun trampoline Puno grounds in just 60 minutes. Offering the least priced solutions, Puno allows you to extend your slot with extra 60 minutes at only Rs.300/-. If you have booked your time for weekends, you need to pay only Rs.350/-, increasing your time slot by 60 minutes to cover all the rides.

Here is why Fun At Puno is the ideal place to enjoy this holiday season: 


We cannot explain the FUN element at Puno in words. However, it would help if you experienced it once to get the real feels, working out while enjoying. Trampolines used to be the major backyard essentials back in our childhood days, and the trend for the same reduced with passing the time, people merely remembering it in their memories only. 

Taking you back to your good old childhood days, Puno has designed its rides and activities with Trampolines, allowing you to jump and have fun, challenging your fellow group members for the activities and burning calories while having fun.


Why not celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday with your family? 

 There are very few options in the city where you can enjoy yourself with all your family members as most of the places have an adult environment during these times, where you cannot go with kids or elder family members. 

Puno is one of these best family options, providing fun grounds to all age groups. In addition, Puno has a different kid and adult zone. Kids Zone is designed with fun riddles and challenges for kids, providing them with puzzles and games to develop their intelligence levels.

 Adult Zone at Puno allows you to have fun with elderly family members, providing complete safety and precautions to enjoy the rides safely. 


Jumping on trampolines for an hour helps you burn around 1000 calories. However, if we aim to burn these same 1000 calories with workouts or exercises, you need to go for a tough 60-90 minutes session, including high-end cardio and HIIT workouts.

 But Puno has a fun solution for your daily fitness schedules. Book your slot now to burn excess calories while having fun with your group. 


 Chool Restaurant at Puno is one of the best city’s attractions, offering scrumptious options at your table at the most affordable rates. In addition, Chool Restaurant is known to have the best food combinations and mocktails, offering the taste that you would never have experienced in the city.

 Bonding Age- No Bar:  

Puno has no age restrictions for its visitors. Unlike most other places that do not allow under 18 kids or a suitable environment for adults, PUNO provides a fun ground to all the age groups, allowing you to have the best time with your family members.

 PUNO has divided its space into two zones- Kids Zone and Adult Zone. Kids zone is designed with special, unique and fun activities for kids, whereas Adult Zone has rides and challenges designed for everyone beyond 14 years.

Digital Detox +  Real-Time Thrill: 

Puno allows you to go for your workout schedules while having great fun. Rides designed at the trampoline park will take you on a thrill and adventurous one-hour journey, allowing you to get rid of your fears.

Safe and Risk-Free 

Puno has been tested for all its safety measures and then is only given the approvals to continue this thrilling journey.

 Visitors at Puno need not think twice about safety as they have guards for all their rides, allowing them to opt for the same after proper instructions and safety measures. Moreover, the guards will tie you with a harness for some of their rides, allowing you to feel free without any fear.

Indoor Comfort With Freezing Weather 

Break a sweat with Fun at PUNO

PUNO is different from all the other adventure and trampoline parks. Most of these parks are designed with outdoor rides and

 activities, reducing the chances of visiting the same in cold temperatures. 

Puno eliminates this factor as the park is designed with indoor rides and activities, allowing you to break a sweat with fun, eliminating the thought of how to enjoy in freezing cold temperatures!