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4 Precautions You Must Take While Visiting Puno

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As the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a stark reality that everyone is faced with. The reality is that COVID-19 may be the new normal and even after proper vaccination, we may have to live with it.
In such a situation, if you are visiting PUNO, The Adventure Arena, one of the best theme parks in Jaipur, it is important that you take precautions and follow a certain code of conduct so that you contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by stopping its spread and protect yourself and your loved ones. 

There are a few precautions that you could take while visiting PUNO. Let’s have a look at them-

Always Wear a Mask – Wear a mask at all times when you plan to visit PUNO, The Adventure Arena, one of the topmost theme parks in Jaipur. According to scientists, wearing even a cloth mask has been shown to decrease the contamination of COVID-19 novel coronavirus by a whopping 82%! 
In the fight against this pandemic, masks are the most important tool that we have and that we can use with ease on a mass scale! At public places where there are a lot of people, wearing a mask is a must. 
Since PUNO is a public place and is also one of the well-known places for kids in Jaipur, we expect you to be stringent and follow the protocol of keeping your mask on at all times, no matter what. 
While putting your mask on, it is important that you wear it properly and always cover your nose with it. The COVID-19 novel coronavirus is transmitted via air and since the phenomenon of breathing is something that takes place from the nasal cavity (nostrils), if a mask doesn’t cover the nose, it defeats the entire purpose of a wearing mask. While visiting PUNO, remember to wear your mask the right way.
Keep Your Distance from Everyone – Another important protocol that you must follow while visiting PUNO is to always be at a distance of about 6 feet from every person. 6 feet is the minimum distance that is recommended by the World Health Organization that people must keep so that they can maintain a safe social distance from each other. 
The coronavirus is such that people can spread it to others even if they feel no symptoms at all, which why keeping a distance of a minimum of 6 feet is very important. People whose immunity is low, children, and old people are very much at risk from the virus. 
Since we are also one of the most popular places for kids in Jaipur, we give utmost priority to their health and request each and every one of our guests to follow the protocol of social distancing.
PUNO has earned its title of being one of the best theme parks in Jaipur by taking the protocol of social distancing very seriously. We have created footmarks at relevant locations at our rides while also limiting the people who can use a ride at once to ensure that social distancing is never compromised and every one belonging to the PUNO family stays fit and healthy.
Staff Cooperation and Regular Sanitation – The staff at PUNO is very much concerned about the health of the guests as well as their own health. You will find that our staff will be wearing a mask at all times and will interact with you and all the other guests, including children from a distance except in case of any emergency. 
According to the guidelines set by the CDC, United States of America, the guests must not be physically assisted by the staff on any rides in any situation (except emergencies) so as to stop the spread of the virus. 
For one of the best fun places for kids in Jaipur such as PUNO, this is an important guideline as it keeps the children safe and away from any potential risk of infection that may arise due to them coming in contact with the staff. This protocol is also in place to ensure that the staff also remains disease-free. Of course, it is overridden in case of an emergency.
Safety Measures Across the Whole Park – PUNO has become a very popular and one of the best hangout places in Jaipur for people of all ages. We believe that our it is the lovely combination of our amazing food and amazing rides that make us such a popular destination among Jaipurites. Currently, as India deals with the second wave of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, PUNO has complied with the lockdown restrictions and is currently closed for the general public.
Even after the first coronavirus wave, we had introduced a rigorous safety guideline that both our staff and guests are expected to follow. This includes a thorough temperature check of every guest that enters our premises, strategic placement of hand sanitizing booths at different locations including the entrance and before every ride, cleaning of different touch points at various locations such as doorknobs, corners and rides. 
The guidelines also include a thorough spraying of sanitizer to keep the atmosphere of the park premises clean and everyday cleaning of the rides with sanitizing agents so that whenever guests come in contact with the surface of the rides, they are completely safe from the virus. These guidelines also include the standard social distancing guidelines during the rides and in the food café as well as both the guests and the staff required to wear masks. 
The pandemic has been hard on all of us. Some have lost their loved ones, while almost every one suffered from mental trauma and compromised their mental health. It is important that we keep a good watch on the spread of the virus so that such a situation may never arise again. 
We at PUNO have pledged to do our best to fight the COVID-19 novel coronavirus by following our protocol and save lives. We hope that you, our beloved guests are with us in this fight. We will win it!