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About the PUNO


  • Fun -Indulge in unparalleled fun at the best amusement park in India.
  • Food -We help you have great fun through our exclusive food offerings.
  • Family -Enjoy to the best extent with your family at the best indoor adventure park.
  • Fitness -Improve your fitness with a wide range of activities. 
  • Together -Get together and enjoy your time at the best entertainment park.

Puno - The Best Theme Park

Puno is India’s first indoor adventure park and trampoline park for kids and adults alike. We currently have two locations across India -Jaipur and Raipur. Our adventure park is well-equipped with a dedicated trampoline park and an indoor adventure arena along with the core Kids Arena for maximum fun for all.  experiences of unmatched entertainment and fun.

PUNO Trampoline & Adventure

PUNO is a thrill-seeker's paradise, with an adventure and trampoline park that will keep you bouncing, climbing, and swinging all day long. From zip-lines to obstacle courses, dodgeball to free-jumping, PUNO has it all. Come and experience the excitement for yourself!
PUNO is where fun meets adventure - with zip-lines, obstacle courses and trampolines, you won't want to leave.

PUNO Advance

Indulge in Puno Advance activities and quadruple your fun. Puno Advance allows you to engage in high-end, fun-filled activities that you aspire for. Puno Advance is your ticket to advanced fun and entertainment through adventure-based activities. 
Be a part of intense madness as Puno Advance takes you to the next level.

PUNO Junior

Adventure, thrill and enjoyment is not limited to just adults at PUNO. So let your child play, slide, roll, climb and jump. A new activity that boosts fitness and integrates function of amusement.


From slides to climbing walls, PUNO offers endless opportunities for your child to jump, roll, and play.

Pots & Plates

Unleash your senses with our freshly curated concept of pots & plates, where you can unwind yourself after getting tired at our PUNO parks or you can drop in just to have a pleasant time with some engaging & immersive action filled activities around.

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India’s #1 Indoor Entertainment Center

PUNO is India's Most Loved Entertainment Center offering globally renowned where each of the guest can now relate with a tag line which says "Fun Aisa Jo Din Bana De!!" As now you can enjoy for the whole day where you have a dedicated zones for each activities (Trampoline, Adventure, VR Games, Arcade Video Games, Kids Zone, Mad Wheels). PUNO as an indoor entertainment center comes up with the holistic approach where each one in the family can come and can enjoy themselves to the most. We are intended to bring best of all the world.

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