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Get ready to wheel off to the ultimate thrill on this super fun ride that turns your life around. Get set to fly and ride. Paddle up on our cyclone & test your agility today..!!

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Sky Stepper

Take off high in sky at Sky Stepper! In this fusion of adventure and faith, players have to climb pillars with different heights till the highest limit and then take a leap believing in magic of the mechanism at PUNO.

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Spider Tower

Didn’t you always want to climb walls like the Spider-man? Sorry, we can’t help it out. But you can jump in the midst of so many spider webs to feel the craziness and excitement beyond your expectation.

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Battle Beam

Gear up for ultimate showdown, decide your role and fight to the victory. Think balance beam as sword fighting. Only the swords are foamy; & the pit below is filled with lovable blocks ready to absorb you

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Rope course

Take your Fitness to greater heights on the new Rope Course! Rope course at PUNO develops inner strength and focuses on testing your balance, agility, and gives you jitters while being done with utmost safety.

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Donut Slide

Experience the heart-thumping and fist-clenching slide over the adorable donuts that will surely leave you stoked thus giving you an amazing experience of skating on Ice and jumping on air bag.

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